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    Titan Poker offers these great bonuses for loyal players:

    Top Hand of the Day Bonus: Win any real-money ring game with four of a kind K, K, K, K or higher, and you could pick up a Top Hand of the Day Bonus of $100! Only hands of K, K, K, K or above qualify and both pocket cards must be used. Three or more players must get cards for the hand to qualify and the hand must not be folded. This bonus is only available in Texas Holdem, non-tournament play.

    Top Hand of the Day Bonus Rules: 4 Kings or better must be held. Both pocket cards must be used in the winning hand. Only Texas Hold'em games apply. At least 3 players must be dealt into the hand. Only one Top Hand of the Day Bonus awarded per day. This bonus is awarded to the FIRST player to receive the Top Hand on any given day. For example, the Top Hand of the Day Bonus will be awarded to the first player to receive a qualifying Royal Flush on a given day. Winning players and hands will be posted on our Top Hand Page.

    Bad Beat Bonus: If you're holding a top hand and lady luck decides to go and powder her nose at showdown, then don't worry because even if you lose, you win with our Bad Beat bonus! If you're playing a real-money Texas Hold'em ring game and you lose at showdown with a hand of KKKK or more, then you'll be able to claim a Bad Beat bonus payout. The Bad Beat Bonus will be awarded under the following conditions:

    Bad Beat Bonus Rules: 4 Kings or Better must be beaten in order to qualify. Both pocket cards must be used in both the winning and losing hand. To receive this bonus, you must send an email to support@titanpoker.com.

    Prize Payout: $250 goes to qualifying losing hand.

    As always please read the terms and conditions before wagering.

    Good Luck.

    Sorry no USA.

    Titan Poker
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