Total CRAZY! Crazy Vegas Casino Blimp Strikes Again!

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    Crazy Vegas Casino - They are CRAZY :smile:

    A second blimp was spotted on Thursday’s World Cup match in Johannesburg, South Africa. Speculators wonder when and where it will be spotted next.

    Yet another blimp has been spotted hovering in plain sight of the Ellis Park soccer stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Since its first appearance during the 11 June World Cup kick-off ceremony at Soccer City, Crazy Vegas online casino’s advertising stunt device was seen hovering over last night’s match between Italy and Slovakia.

    It was the same as before: it’s black URL branding against the white background of the blimp.
    This has lead to an increasing buzz of speculation, leaving it to anybody’s guess as to whether these two incidents have spawned a new trend, and at which World Cup soccer match the blimp will be spotted next.

    What’s more, sports betters ,clairvoyants and conspiracy theorists alike have been wondering whether Slovakia’s 3-2 victory over Italy had anything to do with the appearance of the blimp, and how its next possible appearance effect the result of upcoming matches.

    A flurry of questions has been left yet to be answered regarding this mysterious development. All the while, the mavericks of Crazy Vegas Casino continue to elude the authorities.

    YouTube - Crazy Vegas at Ellis Park.avi

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    Hehe...I Love that blimp!

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