Two opponents may be better than one

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    Two opponents may be better than one

    Written By Scott OBrian

    How to move to the middle limits Hold 'Em Poker (say $ 3 - $ 6 or more during the day and early zvečera, $ 5 - $ 10 more a night), discover a strange paradox. If you bet everything (push, bet all-in) with a combination such as AK in different colors on the rag flop (flop composed of small cards, which do not have the same color and do not form a sequence), often you'd rather have two opponents than just one. Really, this may apply to the highest level of poker. Here is an example of the poker $ 80 - $ 160 Casino Bellagio, which was the first report great blog.

    Our hero is the big blind (big blind bet), all lodge card to a player in a position button (rozdávajícího) - "who is very smart, experienced player." He performed open-Limp (as the first top up before the flop - an unusual move at the highest levels of poker, it is often also called "trap Limp"). Small blind, which is also an intelligent player (no poker, after all it's $ 80 - $ 160) completes the bet (completes). Our hero checkuje (not action) with 85 different colors.

    Flop is 7 7 5 rainbow (cards, each with a different color). Small Blind checkuje. Hero bets, it is clear that it expects that in this case, the sweat of (bank) to have something. To him it is not judged. Button top up (calls), top up the Small Blind.

    Note the way:
    Limit Poker pursues a kind of a strange kind of perverse profit curve, where once a man closer to medium-sized poker limits, it becomes easier to deceive others, in terms of your mix. For micro-limits, and then, in turn, limits the top of your opponents are often the opposite of what you expected. Before I continue the description of the previous games, try popřemýšlet about this combination (hand). It was a bet with 85 correct? In limit poker with a $ 3 - $ 6 limit to $ 5 - $ 10 I would expect that a player with 85 will be betting. The player who is set (one pair in the distributed cards with the same value as the cards on the table) should tend to make check-raise, either on the flop or on the road (in the betting round, then nothing does not increase). Personally, I like check-raise on the flop in the absence of only two or three cards for the flush (cards the same color), but if it was a rainbow flop (all cards of another color), I made some check-raise on the turn.

    The problem with the implementation of check-raise when you have set, however, that if you bet, you are too easy to beat with two-pair (two pairs of cards with the same value) or to draw (a situation where the creation of a good combination is only required One Card). For this reason I recommend only occasionally make check-raise when you have two pairs, either from a position of small or big blind.

    Come back to discuss poker game:
    What could Button and Small Blind have? Combination Button seriously looks at the big overpair (distributed in a couple of cards that has a higher value than the cards on the table). I don 't like how people like to carry out open-Limp overpairy large button at the position, but it seems to me that some players are dependent on it. They have to have a good combination. Do not want to steal the blind. They want more! Once again I repeat that the problem partly lies in the fact that if a player increases (raises) the position of Button, then you can exclude Esa and King.

    The potential combination of players on the Small Blind would in this case should start the alarm. one would expect, that made check-raise on the flop with any pair of majors and more than passing any pair of cards with less than five. Is there the possibility of Ace-Five (Ace-Five), as well as 6-8, 6-9, 7-9, or maybe two overcards (having a value greater than flopové card) as KQ, KJ, or QJ. But worry we must do unpredictable seven.

    Turn brings an open card (board) 7 7 5 Q.

    Small Blind checkuje. Our hero bets, Button top up (calls) and the Small Blind increases (raises). Our hero made "installation Muck, that is immediately lodge card. Button thinks about 20 seconds and then the checkuje.

    Small Blind now makes his only mistake of the game, at least in my opinion. Show your card. But again I should be grateful that he did because if not, I now had no story for you. He had a King-Four (King-Four) in different color for absolute bluff.

    If it were in the Small blind with Button themselves, it has by him (and very probably would not even try). But because he played against two opponents, which he knew very able and astute poker player, his check-raise on tour gained more credibility. Our hero passed card, because even if the Small Blind blafoval, it could easily beat the second player Button (known as ambush "two ways to lose, one way to win"), not to mention that there was a risk reraisu (re-raise) by Button, even if true small, which could live with something like QQ in the hole (in the closed tabs). After our hero passed cards, Button will say that the check-raise bluff was probably about, since they were against the two protihráčům, both showed significant strength. This, therefore, from a practical point of view looks like a bet that really requires a cash payment.

    Button is so good that he is able to pass in such a situation and the ESA, even though in this case had only boys (Jacks) - or at least claimed to. This also gives him a second path to failure. The scope of possible combinations of players includes the Small Blind qx as well as 7x. So Button lodge card (folds). And again, I have noted in the play heads up (one against one), would probably matched.

    As our hero later said when explaining his decision on the road rather than pass the card to make three-bet (third stake in the sequence) - (must be made by a third bet, because it is your 99% sure that it beats Button): "If it was a game where I was just me and SB, I think I played differently, but when there was Button, against which I have not much chance, at least according to what I was able to recognize, I think I did the only thing that I could do. "

    Look at the most common example of this situation - when you use, you can type in the correct game to achieve a very significant effect.

    You are the second player from the button (third from the end, who is on a series of action) with the same color QJ. Player Under The Gun + 1, a moderate passive player (loose passive), limpuje (top up before the flop). Less restrained but relatively passive player right from you also limpuje. At this point the way clearly offered by the game when napodobíte. Do you have a nice multi-way combination (possible to play in different ways) and you do not charge you for players (both are very average), or blind, who will soon come on line.

    But (call). Raise (raise). The two remaining players on a number of lodges cards (fold). Small Blind lodge card, Big Blind bet assembles and two original limpeři also complete.

    Flop comes:
    T 8 5, two clubs (clubs).

    Players in the right of you and you checkují soot particles. Big Blind top up, one of limperů lodge card and a second top up.

    Turn a cross-Ace (Ace of clubs). The right of the player you checkuje. You bet you. Big Blind lodge card, the original limper lodge card.

    Well, that's the theory.

    If you have the pre-flop only one of opponents, you probably played as well, but the disadvantage is that if any of the players had a naked 10 (ten in combination with a higher card), or any other decent pair of cross-tabs, you probably would prefer matched . Your increase (raise) the two limperů and your aggressive betting on the flop delivers a turn bluff your credibility because you have more enemies. They "try to fool me?", Instead think: "Damn, he must have something that could beat me, though I do not know what it is."

    As a further bonus, the game does not have this so often work against two , as it works against one, because the gains become much larger.

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    I started twice to read this "novel" but I never finish it.i get bored too quickly.i don't really understand what you really want to say with it.two opponent can be better then one. at the begining when you have less chips and blind are litle is better to have more opponents not only 2,but in the end is one againt one and i think everyone wants to be there,and also finish in 1st place.i don't think in that situation someone will want to have 2 opponents instead of 1,because so you have sure the 2nd place.
  3. I agree with you 100%.This article is interesting, but i still don't understand how 2 oppponents can be better than 1.If you play against two oponents, the probabilities of win are lower.All players want the 1st place.:confused:

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