U.S. Government Seizes More Poker $$

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    U.S. Poker Players once again are finding themselves at the mercy of a draconian anti-gambling law as 2 more warrants have been signed by U.S.
    judges authorizing the seizure of accounts at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

    As U.S. players are aware these 2 Poker Rooms account for most of the online poker currently played in that country. Which probably explains why they have been targeted by the U.S. Government.

    The entire world seems to know about the previous seizures that affected millions of people in the US after over $30 million was confiscated.

    The details of the latest seizures are still unknown, although it is known that 2 seperate warrants were signed for the seizures.

    The prosecutors for the U.S. will have to now prove in court that the money seized has been used for money laundering purposes as they claim.

    I am curious to know what affect the repeal of the anti-gambling law this fall, if it occurs as expected, will have on these seizures. Stay tuned.

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