USA Facing Sanctions by World Trade Organization?

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    Last month the European Commision finished its' investigation into the laws governing online gambling in the United States. When the Commision released its' report it said that the US laws were in direct violation of European trade agreements. At the time of the release of the report the US was given the opportunity to bring their laws into agreement with those in place internationally. The United States, in spite of the efforts of some legislators, has failed to do so.

    And now it seems as if the World Trade Organization is going to get involved. Because of its' failure to folow the practices set forth by the European Union, the United States now finds itself falling under the jurisdiction of the WTO.

    It was an immensely followed news item, back in 2006, when the United States Legislature passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This law had as its intent doing away with online gambling in the US. And as most followers of online gaming know this has produced mixed results at best. Many of the most popular of the online gambling entities withdrew their operations from the United States.

    The European Commission contends that by prosecuting internationally licensed companies, but at the same time allowing United States licensed companies, the United States finds itself in direct violation of Trade Agreements.

    Since the United States has failed to amend its' laws to come into agreement with those in place internationally the next step for the European Commission is to bring its' complaints to the World Trade Organization.

    Stay tuned here for updates on these proceedings as they occur.

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