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  1. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    I made the playthru with the free $12 chip I had my bal. over $1,500.00 :socool:

    i sent all the required forms etc. and now was informed i needed to make a deposit using my quicktender acct to prove it's my acct. :nuts:

    no problem, just waiting til i get the funds to do this.

    I tried to open an acct at the new fortune reels, but after several attempts, was not able to, kept getting an error message. anyway to make a long story short, contacted live support and was informed i was not eligible to receive any promo's, but guess that's okay. BTW i have made several deposits to both Davanci's Gold and Pantasia, and i don't abuse bonuses. really is no surprise, though have read bout others experiencing the same! :nuts: :sad:

    Here's a few screenshots, luvslots cashed-out max $120.00 minus the $12 bonus $108
    not bad for a free chip!!! :socool: :hugs: Bonus Paradise for all You Do, :kiss:
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats dear,
    yes a 1st deposit must be made,
    most online casinos ask for that now.

    I would ask them about,
    Tell how it is, ask why you are not eglible.
    Tell them that you are a depositor at other Rivals.
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    WTG Luvslots!!
    Verry cool screenshots!
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  4. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    Thank You, Marina and Ellis

    I did ask why i am not able to claim a bonus, and am a depositing player, was informed my acct. was flagged, so no more bonuses offered, that's okay! usually i don't claim a bonus when i deposit, anyway! luvslots
  5. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Well, my dear, i would not just be ok with their bonus ban.
    If you have done nothing wrong, then you should not have been flagged. This
    means any free chips that are given out, you will never get them, and more than likely
    its very possible that since you have now been flagged at one casino, you could
    get flagged at all Rival Casinos. Even if you don't usually use a bonus on deposit,
    think about all of the free chips that they give to loyal players, you may miss
    out on all of this, just like the cashout you just had. You if truely did nothing wrong,
    I would get to the bottom of it. Maybe thats just me, but i would not be happy about it.
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  6. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    The only thing i did wrong (in their eyes) is win on a free chip I don't really know what to do, i chatted with live support, and was informed my acct was flagged and i was not able to claim the free chip from the new rival. I did check a couple of my other rival accts. and the promo section, read no promo's available. It has been alittle while since my last deposit to a rival casino, but i have made several deposits in the past. Like i wrote before i have heard the same thing happen to others, so i guess i knew it was coming, after i submitted my withdrawal. any suggestions, or advice will be greatly appreciated!

    :thank you: luvslots
  7. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Congrats luvslots. great to see that.

    Rival software tends to be odd with the
    "bonus" thing or banning players.

    You usually can work it out with
    some effort and patience.

    Happy for ya!!
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  8. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    I just checked my email, and i received an email from vegas regal stating they reversed my withdrawal, as per my request! No i didn't request it to be reversed. Maybe i was taking too long to make a deposit, using my quicktender acct. to prove it's my acct. :nuts: it's going to be hard to resist not playing, but first i need to find out, if i need to playthru any of it before requesting a withdrawal, if i do play and win alittle more! :confused:

    :thank you: luvslots
  9. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Find out luvslots. If there is no playthrough
    on yourdeposit, CASHOUT!! rof

    Stay strong​
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  10. luvslots

    luvslots Well-Known Member

    :lmao: I tried to be strong but gave in!!! :nuts:

    That's okay, had fun $ is all gone!!!

    Thanks, luvslots
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  11. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Happens to the best of us luvslots!!​
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  12. mmek4kids

    mmek4kids Active Member

    i cashed out at regal casino with a free chip i do deposit there but i had no problem getting money and was not flagged from any rivals and i did open a account a the new one with no problem i don,t usually take the promos except free chips because of the play through required and the limit on cashout i did have to make a 25 deposit from my quicktender before i could cashout but the money was there within 2 days
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  13. Roadawg

    Roadawg New Member

    I got a $12 free chip last week from them, made my playthru and cashed out $75, had it in mywallet acct within two days. This is one of the good sites that does pay out and fast.
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  14. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your post Roadawg, I made the playthrough
    as well on my free chip, but only had about $30 when i made my playthrough, and
    ended up losing the rest before getting to a withdrawable amount.

    Glad you was able to do well, and gotta love getting paid with 48 hrs.​
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  15. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Yes vegas regal is a very great casino
    specialy with the free chips for depositors.

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