VILLENTO & RICH REELS free $ codes - March 2010

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  1. azna2k

    azna2k Member

    Villento and Rich Reels Casino have some codes for free bonuses,
    I think it is ONLY for those who have deposited already. You might try them out.
    I got 2 outta 3 on both casinos good luck

    Rich Reels Casino

    1) RR100WB
    2) RR30WB
    3) RR50WB

    Villento Casino

    1) VLV100WB
    2) VLV30WB
    3) VLV50WB
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  2. Tanietta1987

    Tanietta1987 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, for what this code?
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I think only some players who have deposited at the casinos will be able to get one of the codes to work.
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  4. auddylee64

    auddylee64 New Member

    i got them i got 2 just go try it does hurt lrt me tell u i havent deposited thier in for ever i ended up with 20.00 go try and its instant
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  5. currdogg2

    currdogg2 New Member

    Hi, where do you post the code, when i go to there web page there is no spot to put the code, and was the $20 free, or did you have to dep first, tx currdogg2:easter2:
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I did try it at Villento Casino and nothing worked for me , lol

    currdog, if you login to the casino you can find promotion on the the top nav bar
    if you mouse over it you will find also "claim your bonus"
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  7. crystal8323

    crystal8323 Well-Known Member

    None of them worked for me either:( Does not surprise me though. I deposit almost every week and never get the free spins only the weekend match bonuses:( Good luck to those who get something!:easter2:
  8. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Worked for me:smile::thank you:
  9. mackay1st

    mackay1st Member

    Just spoke to karina on Live chat via Rich Reels. Some previous depsoitors are probably able to claim due to the inactivity on their account, but for the most part these codes are for NEW PLAYERS ONLY.... BUT she did top up my points :)to the tune of 2000 points which equals to......... heyheyhey 2 BUCKS ! But hey I ain't complain' :kiss:
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