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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Hi guys... just wondering this as to follow on from my bad news post about VRC...

    as it stands around that time I noticed I got 1 or 2 free bonuses that I was earning comp points on.. So maybe even after they went back on their word and there was a downside I though that it would be silly to close my account because I was sure to get a few no deposit bonuses... but nope...

    is it just me or have they gone awful quiet with no deposit bonuses?

    My overall stats there is about 25 deposits made... totalling over $1000, and with only 4 withdraws made.. (small amounts the last withdraw was months ago and was only $60 or so)..

    Since they unflushed my withdraw and I lost it a few weeks back (was close to $200) I made another $100 deposit.. lost it in about 3 minutes... but thought I would get a free chip or 2 and at least their 10% cashback bonus... but more than a week on and not a thing

    Some people have even mentioned they got a few free chips in the past week, :(
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  2. Ellis

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    Well Its pretty hard to get a free chip ya. I must say, that I do not play alot.
    But I always stick with my favorites. I used to get a free chip or something so now and
    then. But this was in the good ole days. Man things have been changed alot.

    I always love to play with my own money and I also dont claim much match
    offers. But once in a while a free chip is always nice.

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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Yea thats the thing... but can you believe no sooner than I was mentioning the lack of chips I have been flooded with them... wahoo...

    Got 10% cashback which was $20.. 25x WR... met WR and cashed out $150 :D

    and also now have:

    $100 x60 wr
    $7 x60 wr

    to play :D

    superb... and I had an issue with emails from them not coming through so I got in touch with live support and was kindly assisted by the best support staff member I have ever come across at any casino I have played at. Robert was simply fantastic.. very polite and dealt with each of my questions within minutes :D

    ima gonna go play the other no deposit bonuses :D... maybe its my lucky evening :D :roflmao::roflmao:
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  4. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    damm thats all i needed...

    The $100 came to nothing...
    the $7 came to nothing...

    both were lost in under 5 mins...

    then I checked cashier... to my horros the withdraw was reversible still...

    So I spoke to support again, I said why wasnt it flushed and was then told that "flushing" is now where they leave the withdrawl as reversible for 2 days and then process it...

    I mean isnt that what happens when you normally make a withdraw? it is reversible for 2 days and then processed...

    flushing on the other hand = where the withdraw is made NON reversible

    Im feeling annoyed now because after losing the 2 other free chips I was placed in a "gambling mood" and since my withdrawl was reversible I reversed it and lost...

    So in effect I made a withdrawl, was told some rubbish that it had been "flushed" and then fed 2 "free" chips to lure me to want to gamble so i reversed the withdraw

    Thats definately something to throw off even the most experienced and responsible gamblers...

    Last time it was the problem that they unflushed my withdraw because I had a busy week and didnt have time to fill in the faxback form, costing me $200 (half of it was my deposit to win that amount)

    This time I was informed that it had been flushed when in fact it hadnt been touched at all, and was left to be reversed and lost. (costing me $150)

    I know many people cant fault VRC... but for me I shall never play there again unless a manager there actually has the decency to look into the situation especially after giving them the benefit of the doubt last time. Maybe it was my own fault for reversing... but I was informed it had been flushed and really it was left untouched and still reversible :(
  5. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    as an update... management replied :D suprisingly... "frank miller" :D

    A recent change has been made to our system and because of this a
    withdrawal will remain reversible until it has been reviewed and

    Basically this means that players can still reverse it and the only
    difference it will make is that it will be audited sooner than normal as
    it will be put directly in the auditing queue when it is flushed.

    Hope this will answer your questions.

    Best Regards
    Frank Miller

    Casino Manager

    So... in fact this makes the whole situation worse...

    No matter what system casinos use or rely on.. FLUSHING = a term used in gambling which enables the player to make their winning withdraw non reversible instantly. Often it also means they will be set to be paid quicker than people who do not opt to flush their withdraw.

    The money doesnt bother me and never really has but I believe what has bothered me is:

    Firstly VRC made no attempt to inform players about this "recent change"

    Secondly, "flushing" has always meant to make the withdraw non reversible, simple as... so why did their rep tell me it was done when my sentance to him clearly said "Can you please flush my withdraw so it can never be reversed"? Instead he could of explained the "recent change".

    Next it is utter rubbish that "it will be audited sooner than normal" because that makes no difference to the player.. Players would still have to send faxback forms back. They ask for faxback forms when the withdrawl has been audited.. and then the forms have to be approved, so weather you "flush" or not, it could still take exactly the same amount of time to be paid.

    VRC had built up their reputation really well and now sadly I can see it come crashing down, free chips there are never worth a go because of the ever increasing wr (what started at less than 30x playthrough has crept up and up to 70x playthrough where often you must have double the bonus amount to cashout a maximum of 1x the free chip value)

    hopefully people will look into this before they make their next deposit at VRC... afterall is it really worth depositing and losing $100+ to get a $30 freechip the following week with the above WR and $50 maximum withdraw? Even if you win and "flush" your withdrawl it always stays reversible for a few days which means temptation can set in and you can lose what you want to cashout into your bank

    The only rival I played at was VRC... now I shall not play any at rival casino at all... many people are also doing the same and dropping VRC as their main casino they play at...

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