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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    It was only the other day when I was saying about MG tourneys and how little chance people have at the freerolls unless they rebuy

    Anyways was playing the thunderstuck tourney 20 mins ago... it was 1 of them tourneys thats on all MG casinos... so the entrys was over 1000...

    Freespins hit and what do ya know.. I got very high up and was 2nd... with 2 mins left of the tourney I was still second... then when tourney closed I was down to 4th or 5th and got $3 :D

    With that little amount you dont stand a big chance of winning anything... but on the + side if you have a lucky win your likely to meet wr cause the wr would be low.

    Anyways for some reason that sneek a peek hunks game was worth a try since it was 9c a spin lowest (I was playing it and not lookin at the men). I hit the free spins, then 1 of them spins gave me the unzip bonus.... Thankfully it only took off his hat and his trousers (he was wearing underwear....phew). The bonus spins/feature wins was something like $14 :D

    Then onto alley cats... a bit of a win there took me to $19... just $1 away from minimum cashout

    Finally turned to blackjack.. my downfall over the years... but it proved lucky and I was at just under $23 when I decided to check my full balance

    according to the balance screen it said nothing of it was in my bonus balance so I must of made WR :D... anyways cashed out $23 :D

    Maybe that will only be £12 when it hits my bank (due to moneybookers fees and currency conversions) but still it came outta nowhere.. from playing MG tourneys I never stood a chance at before.. and then managed the slim chance of reaching the $20 minimum withdrawl and met wr with just $3.. and that £12 is probably equivilant to being at work for 2 hours so its good for free :D
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Aww, nice to read this Sparkz
    Yeah it must not always be a super big win, such little things make happy too, especially if you fought for it. It is sure not easy to be one of the winners in such a MG Slot Tournament!
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    These tourneys are so awesome and if you are
    in the first few places then this is really wow.
    This was very very enjoyable to read Spark!
    Sometimes you can be more happy when something like this happened ....

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  4. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    thanks guys,

    yea I agree, It got to the stage where for myself (and for most) playing the MG freerolls was like trying to win the lottery, too often you can be in the top 10 after your play but then guarantee at the end of it you will be 500th or so.

    Probably it took maybe a year of playing to win something from a tourney, but free money is the way.

    What to spend it on... hmmm... pouch of tobacco :D, some beers :D...
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  5. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Well done sparks:spinnslot:
  6. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Thanks... but now this should be moved into the "bad news" section

    Days passed and I got an email asking for id as such.. I sent them the documents... all seemed good

    Today I still wasnt paid so I went to live support and asked... they said my docs were approved... good!!

    But then told me I made a minimum deposit to cash out any "welcome bonus".... Made me wonder what the cs has been smoking...

    I explained it was not welcome bonus winnings I was trying to withdraw, but in fact the bonus was MG's money since they run thoese sort of freerolls at all MG casinos...

    Support staff wouldnt have any of it...

    Theres no logic to it

    Even if I did deposit something there would be no point because 1stly my visa cards do not work at MG casinos and also if I was to use moneybookers the only way is to transfer funds direct from my to my moneybookers account... incurring fees, then when I get paid and withdraw the whole amount from my moneybookers account there will be more fees... all for the sake of $20

    not pleased about that, I will try complaining to management and when (not IF) its resolved, they will be put sooo far into my computers "recycle bin" that there wont be any crawling back out in the future

    edit: oh and forgot to mention... Also If i did deposit I would be forced to take part in there "wild welcome" bonus... which would probably result in a total loss... dont they know the definition of the word "freeroll"?
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  7. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Woa......Sparkz........before you decide to put this in the "bad news" section,
    please answer a few simple questions.

    Since opening your account, did you make at least one deposit?

    or are you just playing the freerolls without supporting the Casino?

    Keep in mind that each Casino has THEIR own terms and conditions and it's
    not Microgaming $$ you are playing for.

    Many Casinos have in their terms and conditions that you must put forth an effort to be a valid player. In laymens terms; be a consistent depositor and reap the benefits.
  8. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    That specific freeroll was 1 of them which are setup on all mg casinos by mg...so potentially the amount won in that freeroll is mg's That specific freeroll was 1 of them which are setup on all mg casinos by mg...so potentially the amount won in that freeroll is mg's money ;)

    go wild have their own freeroll tourneys which of course can only be played by full depositing players.

    I havent deposited there in the past but that was due to my not working at any mg casino.

    It seems a bit far fetched though where I would have to deposit money and be forced to take the "wild welcome" bonus and make the playthrough in order to cashout money won from winning a prize in a tourney that was not anything go wild has setup.

    freeroll tourneys = you enter for free and have a chance of winning something...
    not = (as above) but also as well as having to meet wr with the winning amount but also deposit and playthrough a forced bonus before you can cashout anything

    potentially my prize in the tourney was a $3 free chip...

    If you look at this in casino concepts...

    where would you be given a free chip... then meet wr, and then have to deposit and wager that amount 30x (i think wild welcome bonus is 30x) before you can cashout a thing...?
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  9. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry Sparkz, but no matter you won a freeroll which runs on all MG casinos or you take welcome bonus or no bonus at all.....

    You have to make at least one time a deposit in the casino you want to cashout.
    So did you ever deposit at GoWild Casino?
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  10. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Nope never deposited at gowild... however if you look at crazy vegas... i did deposit there years ago..

    However when I asked them to re-open my account recently they did and told me that although I have deposited in the past, then re-opening my account is like me opening a new account because I ahdnt play for so long teh only info left on my account was details...

    I got some free spins, won something, met wr, cashed out... all fine.. no deposit... nothing... n that was basically £80.

    Im sure though at go wild.. all 1st time depositors have to take a bonus?
  11. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Since you have already deposited once at Crazy Vegas means they still had this in their files, even support told you all counts now like you have opened a new account, they still paid you beacause they know you have deposited in the past.

    You have never deposited at GoWild Casino and so you cannot cashout, this is pretty normal.
    I am not sure if you have to take a bonus, as far I know bonuses are not credited automatically. You have to claim them via live support.
    Just now I cannot remember if this is also so with the welcome offer.
    Best is you ask them.
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  12. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Thinking of it today I may make a deposit...

    If they guarantee I can deposit something and then withdraw it right away

    this would mean that I would get the money and since iv deposited id expect I would qualify for free spins and vip tourneys lol :p
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  13. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    The final conclusion.... all I can say about go wild is:

    Horrible, Horrible and more Horrible.

    So what had happened was I was very tempted to make a minimum deposit. Obviously with any other MG casino or other software provider the "minimum deposit" is needed to show them you do have ways of depositing and to make sure you are not a fraudulent player.

    They sent me an emailing explaining what I had to do:

    "We would like to inform you that in order for you to receive your winnings, you are required to make your first deposit (of minimum 20 or more) and to complete at least half of the playthrough requirement for your first deposit bonus. "

    In other words that is 100% scandalous... so if I deposited I would be forced to take a bonus, and have to wager it 20x. Their minimum deposit amount is $20, so I would have to wager that + 100% (so $40 to play with) through $400 of wagering just to recieve the $20 or so I won fair and square.

    Worse still someone in chat told me that is to prevent fraud... what planet are they living on? they have copies of my ID and if I made that deposit it would 100% prove I am who I say I am and that im not underage... (how many people under the legal age of gambling do you know who have visa debit cards which are specifically only for people aged 18+?)

    The bottom line was the tournment was listed as a freeroll, so anyone can play it. It was not run by Gowild direct but instead MG themselves. Then when I win something fair and square they try to lay down rules that would swindle me out of that cash and my own cash.

    Whats the chances of having $63 to play with and having to wager that through $400 worth of plays, and make sure my balance is at very least $20 ($30 if I want to be in any profit because of transaction and currency conversion fees)? There is a chance but theres an even bigger chance I wont.

    Years of playing their tourneys with no wins and finally I hit something and its taken away from me because of this...

    Bad bad practice on gowilds part... theyve been uninstalled and its put me off playing at any mg casinos I have currently installed so I have uninstalled them too
  14. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Well, i hate to be the one to say it, but casinos are not in the business of giving away free money. They do offer lots of free things but in return, all they really are asking blindly is that players make an effort to make and play an occasional deposit. They are in the business of making money and people can not expect every single player to only deposit to withdraw their deposit and free money that they won.
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  15. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    also to add, even though it may seem like "MG Money" the certain casinos get deductions from their earnings to participate in things like these tournaments. Just like the free chips say a $10 free chip, it may seem like just a number unless someone cashes out on it right? Well, actually, the casinos get charged by MG for that $10, so really its not just paper money unless someone wins, the casinos actually get charged for these freebies. Thats why at MG if you will notice all across the board, you don't see free chips being slung out to millions of players all the time like you would see at an RTG, MG makes money on everything that a MG casino does. Thats why you will never see huge deposit bonuses either at MG, look around and you might find an MG casino that may offer up to around $100 to $200 free bonus money, but i guarantee you will not find one bonus at any MG casino that offers huge money say like a 100% up to $500 free etc.

    MG charges these casinos for every little thing they do.
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  16. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    What Dmoney posted is 100% correct and I totally agree!

    I am sorry you feel Go Wild Casino is not ok Sparkz.
    I can say they are super ok for me, it is one of the best microgaming casinos I play at.
    Even I cashed out at GoWild Casino 5K this month, and am in plus, Melissa my Vip Manager still did send me again a nice e-mail that I have a 20 free bonus and that I may claim a 100% on my next deposit. They do care for their players, they have super fast cashouts and this is what counts for me.
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  17. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Iv known that for years....

    If I had deposited out of my own cash a minimum amount and can withdraw it then that shows I have the ways to deposit... so to them all they need to do is send a few tempting offers my way and hope i'll take the bait.

    look at rival casinos... you join, get a free chip, as long as you make a deposit you can cash it all out even without playing. Even rtg is the same.

    If for example they had of paid me if I had deposited without needing to wager.. they would of lost a measly $23... however the chances are even though I dont deposit at casinos as such anymore I may well of been tempted to put in $20 or so a month to play.... because I do enjoy MG games

    So through a given year if I deposited $20 a month that would be $240 a year... the chances are I wouldnt win every single time so they would in fact make money from me.

    But since things ended as they did I uninstalled and would never deposit there.
  18. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    It is true that yeah, maybe they could have sent you the measly $23 but imagine if they did that for 1000 players that has never made a deposit. Well now, $23 over 1000 players would be for a measly $23,000.

    I would have to say i'm sorry you feel this way towards Go Wild Casino as i truely believe this casino will soon be considered the best Micro in the business soon. If i had the money in my paypal atm, hell i would send you the $23 in honor of this great casino.

    And Sparkz, just wanted to let you know my comments were nothing personal and was not really trying to come down on you, just trying to give a general perspective for everyone.:kiss:
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  19. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    I know, peoples experiences are different and all that.

    Potentially though in this theoretical experience 1000 players would never make $23 each from it because how much of a chance do you get with meeting wr and reaching that amount with a low $3 bonus.

    The exact correct meaning of "freeroll" is:

    "A chance to win something at no risk or cost."

    If they intend to have all of these rules for people who havent deposited yet then its as simple as.. they should not be allowing non depositors to play any freerolls... its easy to click a button and determine who can play them and who cant.

    so what happened:

    Played a freeroll run by MG on all networked casinos that use MG software are won $3.
    Turned that into $23 at gowild.
    Went to cashout but they kept declining it
    Eventually they told me to withdraw this money I need to deposit a minimum of $20 and wager it 20x with a forced bonus (so $400).
    Full balance was played to $0 and casino uninstalled

    Im not badmouthing them but im simply saying the fact of the matter.

    Lets take a rival... What if they offered you a signup "no deposit bonus", you met WR and then they told you that to cashout your winnings you had to deposit $20 and wager it through 20x of play?... more than likely you would play the balance down to $0 and uninstall.

    Thats exactly what planet23 did.... althought not as bad... they required players to make the minimum deposit and wager it 2x before they could cashout any of the freechip winnings. A lot of people lost respect for them because of this and within weeks they changed that to just needing to make the deposit and not play 2x WR, then weeks later they changed it again to just needing to meet wr and not have to make a minimum deposit to cashout.... now look where they are... out of business and I do believe that contributed to putting off players depositing there.

    My main concern is with the WR... this is going to annoy a lot of new depositors. People could try them out with the freerolls, win fair and square like I did and then be told they have to deposit and wager their deposit amount 20x before they can cashout anything... That makes it a very high risk to lose... and im sure if many people who are regular depositors there started playing at the casino and experienced this then they simply would of got rid of them and not deposited a cent
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  20. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Oh and also I forgot to add... (and its too late editing my post)

    There was no excuse not to pay me apart from them being greedy (since i had sent in ID for fraud prevention)

    Any casino had strict payout percentages... lets say 1 is 95%. That means out of everything that is played through the casino by all players it will return $/£950 to players per $/£1000 played and the remaining $/£50 will be the casinos profit.

    Now to go into consideration of this small "free chip" I got at gowild. Including when I played it away I must of wagered about $300. That of course contributes to the "payout %".

    With that factor taken into consideration if they had paid me then simply they would not be at a loss, my spins helped towards the overall casinos "payout percentage". So in other words if I hadnt played there at that time, some other player could of and had my luck, but because I did play there at that time I had my luck. Its a hard thing to explain...

    The easiest way of saying it is:

    Imagine a UK fruit/slot machine.. with a payout of 95% (for example because thats the % I mentioned above).

    Again it has to payout £950 for every £1000 put into it.

    I go on it and put £1 in and take £20 out so £19 profit...

    The next person comes along and puts in £10... they dont win a penny.

    Now because I would of played that fruit/slot machine at that time, it was ready to payout to its legal %... however if the losing guy was on it before me and I went on after him, then it would of been me that lost.

    In that scenario id be happy because i would of gained some free cash and the owners of the machine couldnt care less because they know that they will make that money back from other players cause it has a set % to payout to.

    Thats exactly what im trying to explain about this situation. It wouldnt of cost them a penny because the casino relys on %'s... so it has to pay out anyway and the casino will still get their % cut of it
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