Washington DC wants online Gambling!!

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    :eek:hyesss:Cash-strapped Washington DC Wants Online Gambling!
    August 15, 2011 · Filed Under Online Gambling News
    It is a paradox that in the USA, the Federal Government has online gambling banned, and cash-strapped states really want to offer these activities; if not Globally, then at least intrastate. Washington DC is a prime example, and they are really pushing the ticket to get online gambling hubs made available so that residents won’t drive out of state and spend their gambling budgets in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, which makes sense. The District of Columbia is aware of the millions in revenue that gambling generates annually.

    It is understandable when they are looking at new ways to generate revenue streams – they will look to online gambling. The demand is there, the problem is, there is no supply to cater to that demand. This is one of the worst case scenarios we have ever seen of a cash-strapped country (let alone states); that is cutting off its own nose to spite its face! Gamblers in the US WANT to spend their money and they want to have the convenience of gambling online. After all the USA is spelled “c o n v e n i e n c e”, it is not only their eggs they like over-easy; the more convenient and easily accessible something is, the more residents want to use it.

    The idea is that Washington DC district officials want residents to play inside their homes – this is what online gambling does best! There is thought behind offering games such as lotteries to start off with, but this keeps getting pushed behind. By the end of the year, the ideal would be to offer Washington players online poker, blackjack and all the other casino-style games. This idea is gathering momentum country-wide, and virtual gambling is being perceived as part of the cure to help with local budget troubles. It is not a bad idea when put into context; translate online gambling income very simply to meaning more roads and bridges!

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    Thats awesome news right,,,
    lets hope for this

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