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  1. kyle53

    kyle53 Member

    When it comes to online casinos who is really out there making the money? Is it small time players like me or are there some serious high rollers who control the earnings just like at the top casinos worldwide? I need to know who my competition is.
  2. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    I don't know about you Kyle but I think my own competition is myself!
    It's a competition to see how much I win or lose...Either way and the end of the game I either finish 1st or last.
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  3. sandadam

    sandadam Member

    and don't you just feel so bad sometimes when you keep losing?I think my wallet is still crying from my little losing streak this past weekend! :-(
  4. runninfast

    runninfast New Member

    who's making the money? Evidently it ain't me so I am no competition there for you! lol

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