Win Up To $50,000 With Platnium Play Bingo's Bingo Ball For Life!

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    Win Big With Platnium Play Bingo's Exciting Promotion
    "Bingo Ball For Life." With This Promotion, You Have A Chance To Win Up To $50,000!

    How It Works:

    Registered and purchasing players get to pick a number between 1 and 90, or you can take the quirky ‘Bingology’ quiz to have one assigned to you.

    This number becomes your lucky bingo number for life, and you get to create your very own styling bingo ball to go with it.

    As soon as you have your Bingo-Ball-for-Life number and unique ball, winning is just one step away: All you have to do is play!

    If your lucky Bingo-Ball-for-Life number is the last number called, which completes a full house on your card, you will have won the progressive jackpot! Way to go!​

    Platinum Play Bingo​
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