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Discussion in 'Current Contests' started by Marina, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    GoWild Casino has been so generous and gave ALMOST ALL entrants 15 Free Spins on the Slot Dolphin Coast. How cool is that!?!

    Congratulations to:

    Dionysus - vgwr00217313
    salemnalle - vgwr00024597
    Molidia - vgwr00013259
    Ruth99 - vgwr00008607
    nillo - vgwr00521915
    freddie85 - vgwr00091182
    Zagora - vgwr00013583
    tjiekebolle - vgwr00055100
    SENADIN - vgwr01367374
    Tanietta1987 - vgwr00100643
    Jokehale - vgwr00016639
    currdogg2 - vgwr00052621
    herlis - fgwr00023290
    grydia567 - vgwr00012349
    aranjos - vgwr00122963
    slotomaniac - vgwr00027757
    Gustavo77 - vgwr00139397
    bigmack - vgwr00059657
    andi99 - vgwr00011617
    chouchou50120 - vgwr01140920
    jena1953 - vgwr00348724
    ssebastiann - vgwr00084083

    Your 15 FREE Spins on the Dolphin Coast 3125 Ways Slot are waiting for you!
    Good luck everyone!

    GoWild Casino's General and Free Bonus Terms apply.
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  2. andi99

    andi99 Active Member

    Yippee, thanks Bonus Paradise and Go Wild!!
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  3. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    WOW That's a lot of WINNERS!!!!

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  4. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    OMY friends! Thats sooo awesome!
    Have fun everyone! And a big thanks for GoWild Casino, Mike and Marina!​
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  5. aranjos

    aranjos Member

    Wow, this is so cool :) Thanks a lot bonusparadise and GoWild Casino for this great contest!:eek:hyesss:
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  6. ssebastiann

    ssebastiann Member

    Thanks a lot bonusparadise
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  7. Dionysus

    Dionysus Active Member

    got em, woohoo, ty BP and GoWild

    woohoo, 36 cents, im cashing out, lol

    gl everyone
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  8. Molodia

    Molodia Active Member

    Wow Thank you so much. like the game although the chance of getting a win is slim.

    But but i won $7.85 using the free spins, now im going to try my luck further.:spinnslot:
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  9. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    Good Luck to everyone and nice gesture from GoWild.:eek:hyesss::spinnslot:
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  10. Molodia

    Molodia Active Member

    well lost it all again was up to $45 but then it went down hill again. but it was fun and free, thanks gowild love ya
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  11. grydia567

    grydia567 Active Member


    You are the best :smile:

    :thank you: :thank you:
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  12. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    You guys are GREAT!!! Thank you for posting:kiss:
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  13. Tanietta1987

    Tanietta1987 Well-Known Member

    Oh, i really won? I love it the BP contests!!! <3

    Well with the free spins i won, 1 eurooo! :D
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  14. ruth99

    ruth99 Active Member


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  15. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Congrats everyone.

    Thanks to the generousity of Go Wild.​
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  16. Dionysus

    Dionysus Active Member

    I guess tis answers the question of GoWild being running smooth and all after the raid ;)
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  17. herlis

    herlis Active Member

    thanks Go Wild and Bonus Paradise.
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  18. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Thank You All for posting we truly appreciate it:kiss:
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  19. Zagora

    Zagora Member

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  20. freedi85

    freedi85 New Member

    my account has been drawn but didn't get the spins vgwr00091182:sad:
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