Winners Lucas Poker $25 Freeroll

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by Mike, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    i thank you all for playing
    i had so much's fun with you guys!!

    Winners from the $25 Freeroll at lucas poker are:

    $12.50 for place one won kevatlucas
    $7.50 for place 2 won Badavis
    $5 for place 3 won Peteywestro

    Congrats Friends !
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    congrats winners! :ny2::beer:
  3. Kevathallam

    Kevathallam Member

    Won todays Freeroll on Lucas for $12.50 well played everyone including BPdavis(2nd) and Peteywestro(3rd):ny2:
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    LOL. i just looked at your screenshot
    you get a warning sign there for being the winner!?!

    rof, I think they need to make some adjustments in their settings.

    thanks for posting hon, and congrats again! :hugs:
  5. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    WTG guys, im glad you had a great game!!!
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  6. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Congrats Winners!
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  7. congrats to kev on the win and everyone itm. first time i seen a warning sign for winning the tourny lol.
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  8. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    i will mail this in the feedback for the manager...rofl
    never seen this befor either:lmao:
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  9. Kevathallam

    Kevathallam Member

    its to warn you about playing against me :lmao:
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  10. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Too funny.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Thank you all for joining​
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  11. peteyweestro

    peteyweestro Active Member

    Thanks to all that played and helped contribute to a great game and big grats to Kev for winning the whole enchilada
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  12. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    lmao, good one Kev! :hugs:
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  13. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Woohoo, congrats guys on winning at this nice poker room.
    Sorry i couldn't make it, wish i coulda been there.

    BTW, watch out, not only did petey wake up in time for the game, but he has now cashed in i think 2 in a row? :lmao:
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  14. peteyweestro

    peteyweestro Active Member

    Oh yea D i'm on a roll for sure,lol...a really bad one actually my BRL game has been way off as has my weekly games on mondays and fridays at nordica..its gotten so bad i see myself playing ultra tight as i'm scared my hands are weak even when they are statistically sound...really sucks but hopefully it's over soon then everyone watch out!!!