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    VegasRegal $20.00 weekend bonus

    Thanks for the info. Hope I can wager this bonus. what´s the best slot to wager on? chase21:socool:
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    Vegas Regal Weekend Bonus - €/$15 Free chip and a 300% match

    I got the €15 bonus too. Thanks for the info. chase21:socool:
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    New Online Casino - 50 no deposit - LuckyNetwork

    Hello Bonusparadise, At last LuckyNetwork has finally got Neteller. Great! They will have faster payout.:beer: Chase21:socool:
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    $250 FREE Tomb Raider Slot Tournament at Fortune Lounge

    Hope it´s not to late My alias is Chase222111 :thank you: chase21:socool:
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    BP Exclusive: Re-scheduled $250 Freeroll At Bwin Poker!

    My id name on bwin is chase21 :thank you: chase21:socool: good luck!
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    New Online Casino - 50 no deposit - LuckyNetwork

    I got my 100 on my bank account today.:beer: I had to ask them on the chat why it takes so long, they replied that they had software problems and are fixing as soon as possible. When they get the new depositing options like Neteller, moneybookers etc they will be big, at the moment withdraw...
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    Bonus Paradise's Poker Club!

    :thank you: Bonusparadise for having me on the poker club members list. I am very grateful to be chosen. chase21:socool:
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    $5 No-Deposit Bonus - Big Bet Poker!

    Hello Dmoney, I am having problems with your banner link? I get a blank error page. I can get to site through another page on google search engine. Can you show me another link with your banner, so I can download from there instead. hope all at Bonusparadise have a great:easter1...
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    New Online Casino - 50 no deposit - LuckyNetwork

    yessss! Thanks for the info Seaman. Now I shall wait for my 100 with hope. chase21 :socool:
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    New Online Casino - 50 no deposit - LuckyNetwork

    Just wondering if there is any news on withdrawals? Because I have wagered the bonus. I ask them when will they have other options for withdrawals. Support said 2 weeks. chase21:socool:
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    new casino by intertops casino~yay!

    I recieved the email too, didn´t see the bonus on my account, sent an email for the $10 bonus. Just now waiting for it to appears on my account. Hope I get it! Chase21:socool:
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    check your players palace account...

    Thanks for the info. Got 25 free spins on Avalon Chase21:socool:
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    Sunset casino 5 free spins

    Tried to sign up, but could not see sweden on the register list. Chase21:confused:
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    Welome Our New Mod!

    Welcome to Bonus Paradise Desperado, keep up the good work, I know you will do. chase21
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    Grand Mondial X Marks The Spot

    Hello Ellis, I have 1,726 loyalty points, but need 5,000 loyalty points to redeem. Do you mean that I can ask chat support to top to 5,000 loyalty points to redeem? chase21:socool:

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