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    Amazing how fast they grow up, my little one's turned 13 & 15yrs old this past year. One of my favorite revised sayings, "time flies whether you are having fun or not"
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    Just wanted to stop in and wish a VERY Special Birthday To Little BP Herself, Sarah HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Marina, Mike, Cat, Seaman, And EVERYONE ELSE, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! FROM YOUR FAVORITE DMONEY644!
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    I won €127.000 on the King Treasure Jackpot Slot Game at Stargames

    Woohoo! Congrats Marina And Mike! That Screenshot Is DEFINITELY A Beautiful Thing! I'm Happy For you Guys! :spinnslot:
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    Simply RIDICULOUS!!!! May 16,2011

    ROFLMAO- "Labotomies!? "No, That's Nonsense!" :roflmao: As IF BOTOX ISN"T???? :roflmao:
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    OMG! You gotta see this! ROTFLMAO!!!

    poor Kelly Pickler, good thing she did well on American Idol haha or would have probably ended up as a stripper lol
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    I beat a pro !!

    It was supposedly Todd Brunson, Doyle Brunson's Son, and also, it was the bounty game, they play in it each week. If it really wasn't him, it would not fair well for the entire poker site.
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    OMG! You gotta see this! ROTFLMAO!!!

    anybody see this one right afterward? haha
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    Why oh Why

    Keep the faith dear! For Real! My pastor always would say, "God cares more about your character than your comfort" Keep the faith, give to god, and god will give back. You can't outgive him. Look toward him to find some answers, and he will lead you the right way! Also, keep in...
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    Big Bet Poker Holiday Freeroll 2nd Place..

    Yeah, tried to talk with you Patty, but you didn't answer me, i was at your 1st 2 tables in that game lol Oh Well, thats what happens when you become a stranger to your online buds. Just been real busy lately, but i'll get around to see you guys soon! :kiss:
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    Big Bet Poker Holiday Freeroll 2nd Place..

    shit Vicki, didn't think about that! $7.50 is just enough to buy a siz pax, and you know that their drinking minimum is 3 beers a piece, leaving me short! doh! Goos to see you around petey, miss you guys from the team. Ever since our team from you know where moved, its like everyone...
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    Big Bet Poker Holiday Freeroll 2nd Place..

    Won Alittle free cash tonight playing one of these freerolls at Big Bet Poker. Haven't played any poker for a while, so nice to see if i still have a little game.
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    Thanksgiving emails from Club World Group - $25 free and great match bonuses!!

    Hey Seaman, at 1st was trying to figure out who this new "Cub Word Group" was in your title..:roflmao:
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    My Frustration as a USA Player

    well, i just had a withdrawal from QT Thurs. and i just got the confirmation email this morning from QT that funds are on the way to the bank. Lets see if i have any issues receiving this payment.
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    OMY! Check out this YouTube video

    DAMN IT! Just got trapped into watching Justin Beiber You Tube Videos For An Hour!!! :roflmao:

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