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  • hey hon... ive had a vicious bug for the last week... havnt been to work and just laying on the couch all day...
    hey elle yes everything its goin fine hun :) thank you for asking.. how are you doing? everything's fine?
    i bought the grandsons kites for easter so i know what ill be doing this week while im at the daughters :) the older boy got a pirate ship the thing is huge and its a 3-d kite lol should be fun taking out on the hills... im going to take my camera
    That's great Elle have fun hon things have been a little chaotic here at home LOL so I'm trying to relax
    OH NOOOOO!! Redownload (thru our banners of course hehe) and go to live chat or send an email and ask for your log in info...I've had to do that many many times:lmao::lmao:
    I am so happy you're back Elle I missed you!:kiss:
    Hi Hun...How are you? I'm so mad I broke my keyboard so I'm copy & pasting everything!:(:lmao:
    I miss ya lots too! Hurry back!
    Hey You better get your computer fixed...how we gonna run a business?:confused::lmao::lmao:
    :merrychristmas:My Friend:kiss:
    We have ta make a name for our demolitions Business LOLThat is so cool you going to Marrakech ...You gotta post pics! Yea the resort was really pretty and the staff was really nice, but the ride up in the 1963 convertiable was awesome! LOL
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