Judge no one, but do not be afraid to call a spade a spade. Just be damned sure the spade is indeed a spade. Walk softly, but carry a big stick. Let your light shine, and do not hide it under a bushel basket. Life is just full of such platitudes, but some of them really do matter. My personal motto can be summed up in a few of those platitudes. The most important would be: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I try to live by that rule. There have been occasions when I have forgotten this in anger. Those times have always left me feeling like a fool. I find I do not care to feel that way, so I try hard to remember what is important versus what is a knee-jerk, human reaction. The other important thing I try to remember is that of all the emotions, love is the most important one. It isn't always easy to love your enemy, but it is easy to remember that your enemies are also human. If you can remember that, and if you are very lucky, sometimes your enemies can and will become your friends. Life is too damned short to waste it on regrets, especially when you have to take responsibility for those regrets. Yes, I guess all this makes me sound like a refugee from the days of flower power! Well, I AM a refugee from the days of flower power! If you are it- own it...I am a voracious reader, I can lay claim to being a professional writer as well as photographer since I have been paid for both my words, and my photos. I love to sing, and am seldom without music. I have also been paid to do that. My family is the most important thing in my life. My husband of thirty five years is still my best friend. I love to gamble, and have to take care not to let it become too important. Self restraint has always been a problem for me, so sometimes I really have to kick my butt not to allow my desires to become my problems. Guess that just makes me human. Now I guess you all know me as well as any one knows me.
October 15
Pacific Coast


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