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  • Happy Valentines Day My Friend
    I hope you have a Beautiful day
    NAN you are such a pretty lady!!
    Thank you for adding me as you friends!
    I loveeeee you pictures!
    What a wonderfull famelie!
    And the kids are sooo beautifull!!
    WE are verry happy to have ya here at out Forum
    Hey Nan, what super pics! The little one is so cute!
    Glad to see you enjoy our forum and feel home!
    well dear, i have a 9yr daughter and a 11yr old son(going on 25 as well lol) but we may be a little different as i got started pretty early lol. I'm gonna be 30 this march and my wife will be 29 this year(you do the math lol) and i feel ya, i'll be working forever too unless i win the lottery or hit the mega moolah jackpot roflmao
    :kiss:Nan if you set your albums to private only your friends on your list can see them...anything typed in these message boxes anyone can if you want to write something that you just want 1 person to see you have to pm.
    OMG Nan You are so PRETTY! I bet people think you and your daughter are Sisters! and your Family is Beautiful Thank You for sharing!:kiss:
    no hun, everything posted here in your profile is viewable by public. You can send Private messages that are private.
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