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    mobile gaming

    I do have internet with my cell phone but have never gambled using that. I think i will continue to do that from home.
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    who does it hurt

    Gambling only hurts the gambler- it is a harmless activity when played the right way and I have to say I just do not ever understand what all of the fuss is about.
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    favorite casino

    What is your favorite casino you have ever gambled in?
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    lipstick politics

    I hope McCain does not think that Palin is the way to salvage the run because for me she is not. She may be female but that does not necessarily mean that she will win my vote and that seems to be what they are implying is going to happen.
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    cosmetic surgery

    hey when I win big it is definitely going to be some lipo for me!
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    The Anniversary Gift.... ROTF!

    omg that is hilarious!
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    Relax it's Sunday

    as you may have seen already my Sunday was spent on the golf course (ugghh- don't know how I ever got talked into that one) but next Sunday I am going to look at this one again and make sure I have this kind of day instead!
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    My Trip To Foxwoods Casino Yesterday!

    My brother would never front me that kind of money- of course the feeling is mutual so that may answer that question. Congrats on your winnings!
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    LOL It's Monday!

    thanks so much- that was a good one!
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    any golfers?

    Are any of you out there serious golfers? I have to admit I am just curious because I went to play golf with my husband yesterday and I have seriously decided this is the most boring game ever invented. Please just leave me home with a good book or the computer next time around!
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    customer service complaints

    When you have a customer service complaint about one of the online gambling sites how do you typically resolve the situation? Do most sites come with contact info for you to voice your concerns?
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    how many new sites per week

    agreed barbjames. I see new ones every time I go browsing around. But I have to say I do tend to stick with the ones that I know will treat you right.
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    economic slowdown

    Those who love to play online are probably going to continue to play- hey you might even win a little money to help during these otherwise cash poor times!
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    how old to play

    how about traditional casinos? Those are typically 18 right? Seems like if you can vote you should be able to gamble- that is a form of gambling anyway! :-)
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    scratch cards online

    good suggestion about playing the slots instead- the money does go alot farther that way.

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