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    My Cat is our Toy!

    Your cat looks cute and it looks like a doll. Do you have any other pictures of your cat? I like to save that picture as my desktop wallpaper. If you have any other picture of your cat, please post it here.:kiss:
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    Roulette Guide!!!

    Sounds great. I think it will be very useful for me as I play Roulette often. If I came to know any good tips about Roulette, surely I'll post it here. Keep posting some more tips about roulette. Cheers
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    why online roulette?

    I used to online roulette but I am very much interested to go to casino. I will have very good time there in gambling with my friends. I give my first preference to go to casino. Online roulette is good but in casino you can have some fun there and you can enjoy the every moment there. It's my...
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    Island Casino - Play for Free at the Casino

    Very interesting. I am from Malaysia. I am very much interested to play real game. How much I have to pay for it? Are there any benefits or difference between Island Casino and other Casino? Looking forward for your reply..
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    New Game Released - Jacques Pot-Gourmet Slot - Sloto Cash Casino

    Great news. I am very much interested to try it out this new slot game. I hope I can get some good money out of it because I am a very lucky guy. I'll post my experience about this new release after I play this game.:winner:
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    Online Gambling Stories and Screenshots of Great Wins

    I used to go to casino every week end. Some times I lose some money and some times I'll get some good money from gambling. Couple of weeks ago I went to Casino with my friends. At first round I loosed around 500$. I was feeling very bad about it.:sad: But next couple of rounds I started to...
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    Yes I played online gambling so many times and I have very good experience in online gambling. When I started to play online gambling at first time I loosed more money (more then 2500$) but I was not worrying about it. I was keeping on playing daily till I get some money from it. After...
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    Gambling Age in UK to be Raised

    I think this law is useless one because one can control the young people. This law will not control the young people (11 - 15). They will keep on playing gambling. If you say no to youth, then they will say yes. If you say yes to youth, then they will say no. Law makers in England should...
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    Hi chatty, I am also new to this forum. I am from Malaysia and I am doing business. I read all your posts and threads, very interesting. Keep posting such wonderful post. I am very good in gambling. If you need any help, you can post here and I am ready to clear your doubts about...
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    Gambling quiz

    Which of these is the worst bet on the crap table? Any 7 Which of these poker machines should you play? One with the high pay table that is sucking up money Which is the worst bet in casino, assuming typical rules and optimal strategy? Slots Very interesting thread.:cool:
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    Sorry my buddy. I am not interested to play non-gambling games. I am very much interested in gambling games only and I like to make money with it. So if you know any good website for gambling games please post the url.:p
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    sun glass day

    Hi, I have Fast Track sun glass. My sun glass is grey in color and glass looks cool. My sun glass is flexible and scratch proof glass. I bought this glass when I visit Australia and I spend 1000$ to buy this glass.:super:
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    How much will you gamble in a Casino in a nigh?

    You are right chatty. Starter or learner used to spend all their money in gambling. I used to go to Casino every weekend with my friends and I used to spend almost 500$. Some times I will get some good money from gambling. Few days before I got 2000$ from gambling and I am very happy about...
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    Tuesday the First July

    I accept this comment. June is really terrible month for me also. But July is really good month. I got all my payment and I got very good profit at starting of this month. I hope July is lucky month for every one. :winner:
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    Have a GREAT day

    Hi, Picture of Turtle looks good. Wish you the same dude. Turtle is lucky sign for me and for my family so I use to have small turtle doll with me always. :kiss:

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