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    Winners - 13 or 666 - BonusParadise Contest Halloween 2014

    OMG , i wake up and see this! Maybe is my lucky day for win something for Christmas! :) :) Thanks very much BP and all the staff!
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    13 or 666 - Halloween Cash Contest at BonusParadise

    Here in Italy we do not celebrate Hallowen, however, we have the teory of this numbers. My choice is number 13 because when that day comes I'm sure something bad happens! . I do not think much about these things, but if i think maybe I should believe a little more! :) I hope everyone will...
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    Birthday Freebie at Slotland Casino-October 2014

    No , i contact them trough the live chat and they say that they only have a match deposit!
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    Birthday Freebie at Slotland Casino-October 2014

    Oh , i try to redeem the free chip ( i can get 32$ as i am registered from 2012 ) and it say that is expired! :(
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    Winner Stories - Win Cash at BonusParadise

    I've never been lucky enough to win a lot of money in casinos since I started playing four years ago when i make my 18th birthday! I've always play with free spins / free bonus and never deposited because my financial situation does not allow me to do, only a few deposit in a month or in...
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    No , i still don't resolve this and the support say the same thing write here! :(
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    Favorite Slots - Win Cash at BonusParadise

    Mmmh , if i have to choose 1 slot i think it's Gonzo's Quest expecially for the free fals round where you can win much more with the double multipliers than in the normal game mode . I play it in ********* casinò or wherever there will be a good promotion . If i have to choose some other slots...
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    Yes , but with most i have to download it . I have not receive any reply from Slotter yet!
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    Thanks very much Seaman63 for your help , i following all the tips , but still the same error! :(
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    Thanks for the help BP , but the issue is still there! :( I follow Seaman63 instructions but it's all okay and i haven't to do anything! I try to email Slotter ( an example casino with this error ) maybe they can find out how to resolve this , in the meantime i can't play RTG casino . :(
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    Same error ... i don't know where where to shake my head! >.<
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    Ok , i just clear cookies and temp files with CCleaner and restart my computer . Kotsy , i have Windows 7 Home Premium version , but in the older version Windows Vista that i had in past years it's work fine! :oops: It don't change anything , same error! :(
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    Casino Shell Stop Working

    I have posted here because i don't think it's related with other section of the forum . ;) It's over a month that when i try to install an RTG's casino and run it, it don't and appear an error that say " Casino Shell Stop Working " . If there are some expert who can help me i am really...
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    Bonus Paradise Summer Cash Bash 2014 - 3 x €25 Cash to win

    Mmmh, I do not go unfortunately to the sea from more 10-year-old for economic problems, but if my little memory help me i tell you one of my beautiful day to the sea along with the family that has not gone… a very funny episode well is when I have arrived all happy to the sea with the purse, the...
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    Winners from our Spring Break Cash Contest

    With low participants i hope i won, but i doesnt, :( i love BP contest and hope to win in the next! Wtg all the winners!

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