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    A simple Hello =o]

    Hello and Hi looks good. The abbreviation for hello is really nice. You people thinks differently. Hello and Hi to all the members of this forum. :p
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    Fathers Day Crossword Puzzle

    Looks cool. I like it very much. Do you have more interesting stuff like this? If you have, please post it. I like to show it to my friends. Cheers,:cool:
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    The game you like the most.

    I like all the games but Blackjack, Bingo, Craps, Three card poker, and Roulette are my favorite games. I used to play these games often and I am very much familiar with these games.:apple:
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    30-35 but now 17-70

    Very good growth in range. Now day's peoples are very much interested in gambling. This range shows their interest in gambling. It is very healthy growth. People understand the real fun in gambling. I feel very happy to see this range. :thank you:
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    What is your favorite Online Casino

    Hi, Visit casinoclub for the ultimate online casino experience. You will get access to the worlds best casino sites you have never seen before. Try it out and post your experience here. Cheers.:p
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    Have a GREAT day

    Thank you very much Paradise. Wish you all the same. This is the great day for me because I had a very good time with my girl friend. Cheers.:p
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    Tuesday the First July

    July first is really good day for me and I was very happy on July first. Wish you all very happy July month. Always be happy and make every one around happy. Cheers, vinodg.:kiss:
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    How much will you gamble in a Casino in a nigh?

    Very good question chatty. I love to gamble in a Casino at night. I like to gamble for more then 1000$ at night time. I think it will not be enough for me. I need more money to gamble because I like gambling very much. :super:
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    Gambling quiz

    Which of these is the worst bet on the crap table? a. any 7 Which of these poker machines should you play? c. Doesn't matter Which is the worst bet in casino, assuming typical rules and optimal strategy? e.Roulette Cheers.:kiss:
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    Hi chatty, I am very much interested in gambling games but some times I used to play non-gambling games also. So I'll that link. I hope non-gambling games in that link will be interesting. I'll post my experience after I play that game. :thank you:
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    sun glass day

    Hi willyoumind, I am also RayBan sunglasses fan. I am having RayBan sunglass. It cost of about 2000$. I will be very happy whenever I wear RayBan sunglass. It looks very cool. Cheers.:kiss:
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    Welcome Chatty. I am new to this forum and I am having very good fun in this forum and I too feel good to be a part of this family. I hope we can have great fun here. Let's rock. :apple::apple::apple:
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    4th of July

    Wish you very happy July 4th to all Americans. It's a great day for all Americans and also very happiest day for all Americans. So let's turn back and see the history of this July 4th. I hope it will be great. Cheers, vinodg
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    Do you believe that "First Love never Dies"?

    I like to tell you one thing. If you truly love some one, then you will not forgot that love. It doesn't matter whether it is a first love or second love. It will be always in your heart till end of your life. Still I remember my first love.:cool:
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    Welcome to Bonus Paradise

    Hi guys, Thanks for the warm welcome. Forum looks cool and interesting. All the best dude. Wish you have a great success in future and I wish the same to all the stuffs in this forum. :apple:

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