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    Deal or No Deal Slot Game!

    Thanks for the warmest welcome, Marina. Well, I have tried the deal or not deal game, and believe me this game is truly killing and it will make you addicted on it (Warning: Stay away if you cannot resist the
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    The Best Thursday Ever!!!

    Congrats for the late coming wishes from me here, bbzgurl. I'm sure that you will be a great grandma for the baby :) By the way, would you mind to show us the baby's photos?
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    Norwegian Player Wins Big at Premier Bingo

    Yeah, how lucky this Norwegian fellow are... I have been scoured and wandering around at this Premier Bingo site, seemed this is fantastic bingo site. Will give it a hit in the near future...
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    July Promotions at NastyDuck...Freerolls and more!

    WoW, this promotion is simply awesome and is just like a irresistible temptation to me here. All the free prices and bonuses will become the greatest weapons for attracting more players to the site.
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    Wass Poker Freeroll Posted!

    This is what I've looking for... Thanks for the password and I think this kind of freeroll will surely benefit me. Hopefully, there will be more peoples that grab this chance and jump on this bandwagon asap...
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    sun glass day

    I'm also one of the RayBan fan as well. I bought my first RayBan sunglasses when I was 13 years old and that glasses cost me about $500! Well, Call me a freak, but I always wear the sunglasses even there is a cloudy day!
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    I remembered my very first time when playing the online poker, I lost over $250 in an hour and this really a great lesson to me... After that, I learned a new trick: Always use the bonus sign up to play first and you're won't be hurt if you lost it :)
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    Sneak Preview - New Microgaming Games - Release date:1st July 2008

    I am glad that to have the chance to watch this sneak preview here. Seemed like this stuff is more attracting than the other. Thanks for the news and I will give this one a try later on... ;)
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    Gambling Age in UK to be Raised

    Many of the youngsters today didn't even care about the law anymore... To be honest, as long as the youngster know how to behave themselves when gambling, all of the thing shouldn't be a matter at all...
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    RummyRoyal - Play Online Rummy

    WoW, I love the chat feature, at least we won't get bored while waiting for the table to be filled up... I think the biggest attraction for me here is the $200 sign up bonus :super:
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    New Microgaming Games out now

    Hi Marina, thanks for the warmly welcome and I really appreciated. I love contests and I think no one will ever resist the temptation of contests as well... Yep, will surely have a peek at the section, and maybe I will discovered something cool here.
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    EUROLINX Poker $500 Sign up bonus

    WoW, I'm just loved the free $500 sign up bonus, at least we will have extra money to play with besides of our own pocket money... Thanks for the great information, and I will surely try this out :)
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    online poker news!!!

    Five cards poker is the second type of poker games that I learned, after the Blackjack.... Basically, I think Five Cards poker also need some luck as the Blackjack as well (I rarely get Straight Flush).
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    New Microgaming Games out now

    Even the pictures already attracted me here... Just want to know something here, is there any starting bonus for the newcomers? If they do offer, this will totally a A++ site to hang out with. :super:
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    Deal or No Deal Slot Game!

    WoW, I'm a big fans of Deal or Not Deal show, and was tried to apply for the contest before as well (Failed to do it :P) Hmm.., this game sound like interesting to me, I might check it up now. Thanks for the information, Marina.

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