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1 Free Chance at Casino Classic
  1. Dmoney644


    Just wanted to stop in and wish a VERY Special Birthday To Little BP Herself, Sarah HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Marina, Mike, Cat, Seaman, And EVERYONE ELSE, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! FROM YOUR FAVORITE DMONEY644!
  2. Dmoney644

    Big Bet Poker Holiday Freeroll 2nd Place..

    Won Alittle free cash tonight playing one of these freerolls at Big Bet Poker. Haven't played any poker for a while, so nice to see if i still have a little game.
  3. Dmoney644

    Another $7 & $50 no deposit bonus with Vegas Regal Casino

    Be sure to check your accounts for the $7 & $50 freebies from Vegas Regal Casino to play their new slot, All Aboard! Chu-Chu!!!! Chuga-Chuga Chuga-Chuga! hehe
  4. Dmoney644

    $30 no deposit bonus at Vegas Regal!

    Everyone be sure to check their accounts for a $30 freebie from Vegas Regal Casino! $30 Free Exclusive!
  5. Dmoney644

    Casino33 Is At The Tops With THe Best For Fast Payouts!

    I Just wanted to let everyone know that if you haven't played with Casino33 yet, maybe you should if you are tired of waiting days for cashouts! Casino33 pays out 24 hours or less and most of the time it is always less! No more waiting a week to get what is yours, just be sure to send all...
  6. Dmoney644

    $5 And $50 No Deposit Bonuses With Vegas Regal Casino...

    Everyone be sure to check your account for a $5 and $50 no deposit warm up bonus! Good luck to all that get them i had both!
  7. Dmoney644

    Unreal Cash Game Hand

    Unreal hand playing 5-card poker at Pokerstars. I drew 3 cards with my pair of K's the guy with the A's drew 3 cards as well, and when you hit quads you almost never lose. This hand costed me about $16.
  8. Dmoney644

    Snow! Snow! And More Snow! De Ja Vu All Over Again!

    Another snowed in weekend, 30+ inches and still snowing. Thats not even counting the 6-8 inches we got last weekend, that was still on the ground. And if that wasn't bad enough, calling for another big snow storm Tuesday, 10-12+ inches more. Remember, i posted about in Dec. we had gotten about...
  9. Dmoney644

    $6 Free No Deposit In Cashier Today At Royal Apollo Casino..

    I received an email from Royal apollo stating that there was a $6 freebie in my account for a Royal Wednesday Happy Day Bonus. Forgot what they playthrough was but max cashout was a nice $60! Royal Apollo Casino
  10. Dmoney644

    This Is Gonna Be The Next Big Hit From American Idol!!!!!!

    I missed watching the show the night this guy sang his song, but the next day my local radio station had put this clip on the radio and had to come home and see this as i knew it had to be on youtube! This is gonna be a hit for sure or at least make the belt buckle company tons of money lol...
  11. Dmoney644

    $10 Free At Vegas Regal "No Hangover" Freebie

    Looks like a post New Years Free chip for $10 Free at Vegas Regal Casino Called No Hangover Free Chip.
  12. Dmoney644

    My Mom's Holiday Season Part Time Job, LOL

    The 1st one on the right is really my moms face, AKA snowflake323 She needed some extra money during the holiday season and picked up a part time job, :lmao: Mom At Here Part Time Job
  13. Dmoney644

    Why I Fired My Secretary...

    Why I fired my Secretary: Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up on that morning.. I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant and say, 'Happy Birthday!', and possibly have a small present for me.. As it turned out, she barely said...
  14. Dmoney644

    Check Accounts For $20 Free Chip At Vegas Regal casino!

    Was Checking my emails and found a $20 Free Chip For Vegas Regal Casino! Man, Love This Casino, :apple:
  15. Dmoney644

    Wouldn't You Know! lol

    Been playing at rivals this weekend with not much luck, and now, i claimed a free chip at Dendera Casino, and 3rd spin, wouldn't you know i'd hit something like this! :lmao: Well, maybe i can make the playthrough,
  16. Dmoney644

    Check Accounts For Gold Rock Casino For Free Chip!

    Got an email saying that i had a free chip waiting for me, haven't went to see what it is yet but i'm sure everyone probably got it thats able to receive promotions from them. Good Luck! Gold Rock Casino
  17. Dmoney644

    Check Emails For Inetbet Personal Code For Holiday Gift...

    Looking through emails this morning and Inetbet sent me a personal code for a holiday surprize,when i redeemed it, it was for $20. i'm assuming that these codes being sent out is for depositing players. Thought i'd give everyone the heads up, good luck to anyone that gets it. Read more about...
  18. Dmoney644

    A Christmas Wish For A Little Girl In My Hometown...

    Hi everyone, just wanted to offer a chance for everyone that visits here a chance to do something amazing for a little girl in my hometown. This girl is 10 years old- has terminal cancer and lives in Harrisonburg, VA, all she wants this Christmas is to get 1000 Christmas Cards. Please help make...
  19. Dmoney644

    Totally Gutted In My Pokerstars Tournament.

    Totally gutted after playing for 4 hours in this big pokerstars tournament. This guy poole had been playing very loose and thought it was time for a double up when i got dealt KK. Played it the best i could, just nothing i could do about it. This was very gutting after losing with both of the...
  20. Dmoney644

    Finally Won It! $2.20 180-Man Sit-N-Go

    I have been playing this tournament for the past month or 2 at Pokerstars and had 2 12th place, 13th place, 16th place, and a 18th place finish. in the money but just only doubling my buyin. Last night, i made the Final Table for the 1st time, taking a 7th place finish, but today, made the...

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