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  1. J

    Poker Quiz Answer

    Ow I was lucky had 64 points so far but after a month one is allready upgraded so It was a big relief not to play those 350 extra tournaments , lol
  2. J

    Royal flush some one yet??!

    I had my first royal flush today since I started playing poker a month ago. :socool: It was in a tournament so no extra bonus according the pokerroom :(
  3. J

    Poker Tournament Question

    It's allready a very good sign that you reach the final table - so don't worry one of these days you will celibrate
  4. J

    Great day for me 19 March!!

    Wow nice recovery Kondai my highest win so far after a month is a win of a 200 dollar tournament - way to go for me bit i don't have taken many risks so far cause i am still learning the game :beer:
  5. J

    Poker Quiz Answer

    damn not enough good answers :) I will sit on the schoolbanks till I have 200 pnts that will be some 800 games to cash out the money. Long way to go :)
  6. J

    how much do you spend in poker?

    Started a month ago, I did only some deposits to get some bonusses or free extra money. Won some smaller Sng's I have now a positive account after invested money for 150 € There are some nice pokersites and freerolls to increase your bancaccount so I will concentrate myself on those before...
  7. J

    I fount this morning! Poker770

    I also made an account there They have also another interesting offer when you take a goog look at threir website you can ask for 5 tokens for different tournaments. You just have to send a mail. But you can only use them within a week after registration !!! No deposit required either so very...
  8. J

    More Internet Gambling in the USA

    here in Belgium and the Netherlands the game has become also very popular, and politcs wants now stricter rules. They also want their rake I think :)
  9. J

    Poker Freeroll Rules Bonus Paradise update

    The rules are indeed fair and also a good job to protect the gaming community here. Getting more involved on the forum here opens other oppurtunities - didn't know that there were so many different games lol :easter3:

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