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  1. J

    TGIF! Almost weekend - April 26, 2013

    Thanks, I would love to see a "winning" weekend, but I will settle for a nice one. Happy weekend to you all too!
  2. J

    Homeless man won $50k in the Lottery

    Wow, that is so great. I love to see people like this, too many people only think of themselves. :kiss:
  3. J

    Brought tears to my eyes!! A must watch

    WOW, what a story. Those are the kinds of things we should be hearing about on the news, not about all the bad things in the world!
  4. J

    Stopping By To Say Hello!

    Had a little free time today so thought I would pop in and say hello to all here at Bonus Paradise! Hope you are all doing well. Here in the US it is the first day of Spring, but the weather sure is not cooperating. It is snowing in many places and cold and rainy in lots more. :sad: I am...
  5. J

    You want to join me Smoking a ciggy?

    LOL why would they teach him to smoke?
  6. J

    Welcome to Bonus Paradise

    I think the new members have been forgetting to post in here. Welcome all you newbies anyways
  7. J

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello all my BP friends! Hope everyone is doing well. Can you believe it is already May???? I swear the older I get the faster time flies! :sad:
  8. J

    LOL - Scared By Spider

    I would have a heart attack but if that did not kill me, I would then kill the one that did that!
  9. J

    USA has been hit with horrific weather

    kotsy, I hope your family is all ok? I live on the west coast in the US and the weather has been weird all over. Barely any snow and we have had 9 or more feet sometimes. Also, I grew up in Minnesota and it is always cold, snowy, icey you name it there in the winter. This year almost NOTHING.
  10. J

    Thank You

    I woke up this morning to a nice surprise. Money in my Paypal for me Valentines Contest win! Thank you so much and I had a blast at the contest! You have the best staff here! :valentin_139:
  11. J

    RIP Whitney Houston

    It is just awful that we lose so many talented people to drugs and what not.:sad:
  12. J

    Ladbrokes - Rogue! Don't play or bet at

    So sad when the few casinos that were considered trustworthy pull these stunts and prove to everyone they are not safe just GREEDY! The Affiliates and Players are no longer their #1 priority, money is! :sad:
  13. J

    Jackpot ranking

    Thanks for the link, I have never heard of Jackpot Graphs before! :socool:
  14. J

    Swedish Player won over 6 Million GBP at Unibet!

    WOW! There are so many cool NetEnt slots and I live in the US and can not play. So jealous :sad:
  15. J

    Hello All!

    WooHoo, did not feel like working today anyways (don't tell though) :valentin_139:
  16. J

    Hello All!

    Doing great! Hope you are all doing good. I have been so busy I hardly get to visit others. I see you are having a contest today, can I play? Even though I don't get over here much? :alien_love-47:
  17. J

    Hello All!

    Dropping by to say HELLO!! Hope you are all doing well. Almost Valentines Day, I have to get in practice to show some love :kiss:
  18. J

    Nice Hit on Party Island Video Slot Game at 32Red Casino!

    WTG Marina! Nice screenshot hon. :ohyesss:
  19. J

    Yippie Weekend! - 02 April 2011

    Gotta share that video with my oldest son, he is a beer drinker for sure!

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