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  1. Masida

    No more poker?

    As you know I'm not a casinoplayer but a pokerplayer. I'm not lucky enough to play and win in casinogames :) So my question is, if it is usefull for pokerplayers to stay member here? I had a lot of fun in the pokergames with you guys, but it's awfully quiet in the pokersection this year :(
  2. Masida

    $ 1000 OFC Freeroll February 13 Nordicbet

    Hello Masida, Thank you for pre-registering for the following Online Forum Challenge event: OFC#113 - #114 Nordic Kickoff sponsored by NordicBet You will be representing: Bonus Paradise PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: You are now pre-registered for the OFC #113 and #114 Kickoff Event...
  3. Masida

    Serious bad beat

    $ 22 2,5k gtd on Cool Hand poker. Sick hand. Finally I made it til 16th place for $ 30 or something like that. This should have happened at a bad beat jackpot table :D
  4. Masida

    Results Players only private freeroll 12.12.2009

    Thanks for the game.
  5. Masida

    06-06 $ 150 Hotshotpokerfreeroll

    I got proof this is a gambling forum and not a pokerforum :) Hand#18884F5E0F000133 - Bonus Paradise T5201423 -- Table 1 -- $0/$50/$100 NL Hold'em -- 2009-06-06 - 21:39:53 Seat 1: ruth*** ($1.352 in chips) Seat 2: xxMi*** ($1.103 in chips) Seat 3: vill*** ($2.638 in chips) Seat 4...
  6. Masida

    Masida goes WSOPE

    As some of you guys and girls know, last October I won a seat for a 1500 GBP WSOPE event. These are 4 added WSOP events, only not held in Vegas but in London. Because it was a while ago I won it, and September is taking a few months too, I slightly forgot all and didn't here anything of...
  7. Masida


    Qualified for the 4k guaranteed in a $ 2,20 game, and had no money an the pokerroom to make a rebuy ar addon, but guess what happened....
  8. Masida

    Results of the EUR 100 pokerkings freeroll

    thank you
  9. Masida

    Beat the pro!!

    "Bring me the head of Nadim Shabou!". Knock our professional player Nadim Shabou out of a tournament listed below and win a $100 cash bounty! Nadim will be playing in the following tournament(s) under the nickname PRONUTCASE :- • 22.02.09 @20:00 GMT : Beat The Pro! freeroll, $200 in the prize...
  10. Masida

    Try 1 week for free!!

    Got this in my mailbox. Normally costs 10 dollars per month, but you can try one week for free now :) Claim your Free Week at Pimp-Your-Poker From February 1st 2009 all new members at Register for Pimp-Your-Poker can try before they buy. Pimp-Your-Poker wishes to offer all new members a taste...
  11. Masida

    M8 poker champion

    From november til january I played the M8 poker championship and I won, but with 4 others. We have to split the topprize (and not the total pot) between the 5 of us, so I have to do it with EUR 251 and about the EUR 100 freerollwinnings. So no EUR 1250 for place 1, EUR 750 for place 2 and EUR...
  12. Masida

    Fun at Nastyduck!!

    This is gonna be fun :) Note it, 15th January, 20.00 UK time, 21.00 Dutch time. Come on Dutchies, lets get them :) Play at NastyDuck Poker!
  13. Masida

    Pimp Your Poker review

    Then I'll make a start for something what has earned me about $ 500 already and it only excists one month. It's called pimp-your-poker and the pokerroom it's played on is Bigdaddy's pokerroom and casino (Merge). The idea is that simple, why didn't anyone thought of it before...

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