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    favorite casino

    What is your favorite casino you have ever gambled in?
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    any golfers?

    Are any of you out there serious golfers? I have to admit I am just curious because I went to play golf with my husband yesterday and I have seriously decided this is the most boring game ever invented. Please just leave me home with a good book or the computer next time around!
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    customer service complaints

    When you have a customer service complaint about one of the online gambling sites how do you typically resolve the situation? Do most sites come with contact info for you to voice your concerns?
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    video poker

    Have any of you ever played any of the video poker games that some states allow? I think they can be fun but I have never won any substantial money playing, plus they always tend to be located in some pretty questionable places so I tend to shy away from that.
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    cost of groceries

    have any of you noticed that as gas prices have increased so have the prices of groceries? I swear I think I pay $20-$25 per week more in groceries at this time this year than the same groceries last year and I typically but just about the same things every week. What is up with that?
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    Popularity of Online Gambling

    It seems that online gambling is very popular with players from the UK. Do you think there are more players from there who gamble online or is there another country that seems to have a lot of players?
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    USA players

    why are there so many sites that will not allow players from the United States to participate?
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    this is way off topic but I am just curious how those of you who are in Europe and other places all over the world feel about China being the host country for the Olympics this year. I am torn- I know they are trying to put on a good show for the world but there are so many human rights issues...
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    favorite sites for new players

    What would your favorite sites for new players be that really do not involve that much skill?

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