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    Vegas aces - New Rival - 27 ND

    I got the free $27 made the playthru and they processed it on the 14th and I got my check yesterday by UPS, after fees I got a $41.20 check, hey can't beat it....They were very nice had no troubles at all, will be playing there...thanks debralee1967:smile:
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    15 $ nd at Dendera Casino

    Just wanted everyone to know, I got my winnings last night, went online at around 6pm last night and there it was in my bank $133.00, just wanted all to know that I did get my winnings and it only tookl 24 hrs, thanks everyone!!!:thank you:debralee1967:w_fenster_36:
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    15 $ nd at Dendera Casino

    Thanks everyone, I've got my fingers crossed too, I've never won anything on a free chip so even though its only $150.00 I'm not greedy, I'm greatful!!! Wanted to let everyone know yesterday they sent me an email they got all my docs plus my first deposit and they processed and my withdraw was...
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    Vegas Regal Casino Freebie AGAIN!

    Yes try at least 1 deposit, I downloaded awhile ago from here and got some sort of free money and I truely enjoy playing there. THey have good customer support, games are pretty good and they are very very generous, I'll never seen one casino that appreciates their customers as much as...
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    15 $ nd at Dendera Casino

    Thanks! I am just now getting ready to deposit the $25.00, I made sure they got a copy of the prepaid card Im using and I got an email stating they did so I'm going to do my first deposit, going to ask live chat if I can deposit then do my withdrawl and see if I can play while waiting for my...
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    15 $ nd at Dendera Casino

    I am actually getting ready to make my first deposit, I've got to send them a copy of my card i'm using , I actually made the playthru from the first free money and I've already sent in everything except for my new one , I'm going to deposit $25.00 because that is what is in their terms and then...
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    $/£/€ 10 No Deposit Bonus - New Rival Casino

    Still not there, its been awhile since I've deposited at one, I'm still trying to find a rival that I like....I've only deposited at Superior....thanks for the help thought I would try this one out and maybe would finally find one that I liked ...I appreciate the help you all are so nice at this...
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    $/£/€ 10 No Deposit Bonus - New Rival Casino

    I just downloaded and went to cashier and no bonus, said new promotions coming soon... user name is: dbrewer....
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    iNetBet Casino -Manager Bonus!

    They are the best, all casinos should give a managers bonus, it really tells me they appreciate me, I have never won there yet, that gets to me, but I still keep trying because of them always giving me some money back is one of the main reasons just wish I could win something.....but I just...
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    Inetbet Casino - number of new features!

    I love Inetbet Casino, I deposit there all the time, but unfortunately I can not win there, I keep trying though but with no luck.......debralee1967
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    Keep An Eye Out For Inetbet Manager Bonuses!

    I got mine on Monday June22...earliest I've ever gotten it, last month it was like the 28th before I got it,,,but there coming out as of the 22nd....thanks
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    Inetbet Manager Bonus - May 2009

    I haven't gotten mine either and I deposit alot at Inetbet its my fav....but I also was told they were still going out so I'm waiting as well....I'm like a little kid on Christmas day with that bonus but its nice to know if you 've deposited and haven't withdrawl you at least get something for...
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    New rival $50.00 nd

    Morning, I opened an account and used the coupon got $50.00 instantly thanks....
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    Netspend Visa

    They answered me they just want me to get ahold of the person that gave me the referral and have them call then they would give us both our $5.00..hey I figure $5.00 is $5.00, i spend alot at the casinos so when I get a chance for a few free dollars I try and get it...thanks for answering...
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    Netspend Visa

    I'm not sure if I got this here or not but sometime ago I was reading about a prepaid card, netspend visa, and someone listed a referral code, so I went to the site and got me a card when I got the card I called and used the referral code for the free $5.00 and its been sometime now and I still...
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    Manager Bonuses from inetbet casino

    I love them too, if you deposit $10.00 or more and don't win, go to their website and send them a message asking for a free chip after every deposit and they give you something, just depends on your deposit, does have to be over $10.00...and you also get the managers bonus that is if you dont'...
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    Free $5.00 from Inetbet Casino

    Got an email with a free $5.00 coupon: DDU6J for $5.00 on any of the new games, then coupon T4DEH for 100% match bonus on any of the free games, coupons expire Jan 30,2009.... Thanks debralee1967:socool: You may play only the new games: Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Aztec's Millions Paydirt! The...
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    $10x5 casinos-valid thru 1/18

    What casinos I see no list? Can you please post them Thanks debralee1967:thank you:
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    Inetbet Casino Happy New Year bonus

    They are also giving $9.00 free starting at midnight tonight New Years Q6B6E
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    $11 Free microgaming casino

    Do you have the link for this casino, I type it in and it brings up a bunch of other stuff. I can't find the casino? Help? debralee1967:thank you:

Yukon Gold Casino