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  1. deemac80

    Jokerizer - Online Video Slot from Yggdrasil Gaming

    The jolly joker wants to make you laugh all the way to the bank with Yggdrasil Gaming's Jokerizer. Laughter is said to be the best medicine but winning large amounts of cash would do so much better. 10 Lines of pure unpredictable mayhem awaits you when you play Jokerizer. The slot is in a...
  2. deemac80

    Spring Break with BETAT Casino

    Thanks for generousity none the less BetAt :)
  3. deemac80

    ROBOTNIK - 40 Payline Video Slot from Yggdrasil Gaming

    Are you for a trip to the great unknown? We’re off to space with a robot guide who wants to make you rich. Greetings intergalactic visitors, YGGDRASIL Gaming would like introduce their slot sensation Robotnik. Get yourself ready for a deep space mission zipping through meteors and planets...
  4. deemac80

    Lady Hears for the first time in her Life

    I can only imagine what it would be like. I think the lady said it best when she said "Life changing". Thanks for sharing :)
  5. deemac80

    SuperLenny Casino 150 Free Spins and €150 Bonus

    Yes that is what I meant :) Some casinos have restrictions on letting you play at their sister casinos or on the bonuses you receive. Such as if you get from one, you cannot have from the other. Since it allows you to play, I am sure the bonuses would be seperate?
  6. deemac80

    What happened to Flight 370?

    I agree, I felt so bad for them. I could barely watch the news because it was infuriating! I just wanted to know what happened, not what someone thought happened. Those poor families of the pilots too, hearing so many twisted concoctions. I am sure it won't be officially over till they find the...
  7. deemac80

    Spring Break with BETAT Casino

    Everyone is missing out, if anyone wants to know how to do a screen shot, just ask ! We can help :) Thanks BetAt Casino :)
  8. deemac80

    SuperLenny Casino 150 Free Spins and €150 Bonus

    Oooh I have had great experiences with Thrills Casino so far . Is there any restrictions if you have an account at Thrills?
  9. deemac80

    What are your favorite Video Slots to play? - Which Casino Games Software

    I would have to say Net Entertainment all the way but I could be partial because this is where I have always deposited and won. I like Microgaming, RTG games and just recently started likely the BetonSoft. I cannot wait to see what everyone votes :D
  10. deemac80

    Just wondering if you know a good Microgaming Casino

    I would suggest 32 Red. I always have had great experiences with them in that 5+ years of dealing with them. Their ewallets cashouts are often done within 24 hrs if you are verified. They always have great bonus offers and promotions as well. Hope that helps :)
  11. deemac80

    FREESPIN Wednesday at Maxino Casino

    I never think of this and you never know what could happen. Everyone try your luck at Maxino! :)
  12. deemac80

    Online Gambling Stories and Screenshots of Great Wins

    Nice win Djinn77. It's nice to get extra free spins anytime :)
  13. deemac80

    Wild Water Online Slot FREE SPINS

    I also got the free spins at these, good luck, win big :)
  14. deemac80

    Timothy here!

    Hi Timothy, a pleasure to meet you ;) I just thought I would mention something that may be helpful to you. You can always place limits on how much you can deposit per day/week/month. You can choose an amount that is comfortable to you and within your limits. You can usually find this in the...
  15. deemac80

    Online Gambling Stories and Screenshots of Great Wins

    Great win Kotsy, can I borrow your lucky charm? hehe :D
  16. deemac80

    What happened to Flight 370?

    I agree, it has been so sad to watch the media point the story in so many directions only to find out that this is an extreme tragedy. All the more reason to hold our loved ones that extra second and tell them how much they mean to you. I really feel sorry for all the pain this has caused so...
  17. deemac80

    BetAt Casino Promotions March 2014

    Always great promotions from BetAt. Thanks for sharing again :D
  18. deemac80

    Wild Water Online Slot FREE SPINS

    Wow there is quite a few free spins for this game. Good luck everyone :D
  19. deemac80

    WILD WATER Online Slot Game from NetEnt

    Cowabunga! Surf's up in Wild Water online slot game,the new release from well known online casino software provider Net Entertainment. Ride the waves of cash flow and get ready to have one of the most entertaining times of your life. No better ways to spend the spring days then on the beach...
  20. deemac80

    New NetEnt Slot WILD WATER to launch in March 2014

    I tried this slot and I loved it. I haven't had time to play it much but I liked it so far. :)

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