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1 Free Chance at Casino Classic
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    Netspend Visa

    I'm not sure if I got this here or not but sometime ago I was reading about a prepaid card, netspend visa, and someone listed a referral code, so I went to the site and got me a card when I got the card I called and used the referral code for the free $5.00 and its been sometime now and I still...
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    Free $5.00 from Inetbet Casino

    Got an email with a free $5.00 coupon: DDU6J for $5.00 on any of the new games, then coupon T4DEH for 100% match bonus on any of the free games, coupons expire Jan 30,2009.... Thanks debralee1967:socool: You may play only the new games: Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Aztec's Millions Paydirt! The...
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    Grand Mondial Find the X for 777

    Does anyone know where to find the X for the 777 points I thought I found it but they haven't given me the 777 they want me to tell them where it is and provide a screen shot and I don't know how to do that and I also forgot where I found it at???? I thought I got it off of here but maybe I...
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    Where to deposit?

    Good Morning, I dont' know if this is the right place to post this but here goes....I want to gamble this morning, lol, I usually deposit at vip longe casino and inetbet casino, but unfortunately for me I'm tired of depositing at VIP LOUNGE,same old stuff and I just get tired of donating....and...
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    Hi everyone, I was just wondering, I never get any emails from casinos, I just wanted to know how you get codes emailed to you? I have only deposited at a few casinos, viplongecasino, inetbetcasino and pantasia, but viplonge I have deposited the most, but its upsetting I never get any codes. Is...
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    Birthday Bonus

    I"m fairly new at this so bare with me, I posted earlier but can't find where I posted,LOL....I was inquiring about birthday bonus's from casinos, well I went into my email and I got an email from Superior Casino telling me I had a birthday bonus so I went and they gave me $7, so I started...

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