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    won anything lately?

    Have any of you won anything substantial lately when playing bingo?
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    mobile gaming

    it is OK but not my favorite- can't see!
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    who governs

    maybe there are special commissions who are designed for all of that oversight?
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    new Chris Rock special. . . can't wait

    Do you all like Chris Rock? He is my favorite comedian and has a new special coming on HBO next Saturday night that I cannot wait to see!
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    trail riding

    This afternoon I went trail riding for the very first time on a bike and I have to say that I did not like it at all! Too bumpy and felt a little dangerous for my taste. Have any of you out there ever done any trail riding and if so do you like it?
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    Maybe we just need to take control of some things ourselves and make things right again. It takes more than the government in charge to get prices and such under control. We have to make an effort at home too.
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    eat in or dine out

    A previous poster's comments got me to thinking. . . do most of you guys go out to eat on a regular basis or do you generally cook at home? My family and I typically eat out maybe once per week and that is usually either on saturday or Sunday. The rest of the week we make do with what we can...
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    stocks tumble

    might as well. . . nothing else is looking quite as good as that right now!
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    favorite dessert

    I must have a real sweet tooth today because I have simply been craving something sinfully delish all day! What is your favorie dessert? I am prone to the chocolate cake variety myself!
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    who does it hurt

    Was it a pretty bad situation? There have been times when I have watched people in casinos gamble and know that they are throwing away an entire week's pay and then some but they are helpless to stop. It can be kind of sad.
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    tv commercials

    of course you know I am fine with internet gambling otherwise I would not be a part of this site but I am inclined to think this is not something that needs to be advertised on TV, kind of like cigarettes. It seems there should be some regulation over this.
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    the economy stupid?

    So what do you all think is going to end up being the big issue in this year's US presidential election? I know that people will say the economy and the war in Iraq but what about the sad state of healthcare in this country? Doesn't that deserve a place on the platform as well?
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    tired of Oprah

    Are there any of you out there who are as sick and tired of Oprah as much as i am? First she is campaigning for Obama, notw to get the Olympics in Chicago in a few years, not to mention schmoozing with celebs all of the time and making a big deal of it. Enough of her already! Retire. . . you...
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    global warming

    I just read an article online that talked about some massive ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic that has now broken away and how this is even more indicative of global warming. Are there any of you out there who really believe that there is no such thing as global warming? I just do not understand...
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    One for Kotsy...ROTFLMAO!

    bad bad piggies. . . you go get em girls!!!
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    Bristol Palin pregnant

    She did have a great speech. I do not agree with her political views but no matter what happens in this election she is definitely one to be on the lookout for.
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    Gulf Coast gambling

    I have some friends there who say the Gulf has come back quite nicely from katrina and some of the other storms. The gambling industry there has been instrumental in getting the economies there back up and running again so I think many of the residents of those areas are pretty grateful for...
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    favorite game to play

    love bingo when I am winning and also slots. Poker is not for me- too much to think about!!
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    I am not sure if this is the right place to post but...

    do you think that maybe Mastercard just went up on their user fees and some companies have decided not to use them now?
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    best casino comps

    I would also like to hear about any crazy comps you may have gotten at a real casino. You see people on TV and movies all the time getting free drinks, rooms etc but that has never happened to me. I want stories if that has happened to you or someone you know.

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