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    Royal flush some one yet??!

    It's nice to see though, all the players were schocked, a royal flush, and on the flop!
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    Royal flush some one yet??!

    I saw a royal flush online once at a $5 buy in tournament. The player had AK both clubs suited and hit a dreamflop of QJT all clubs, he checked the flop and weakly slowplayed it till the river, as a royal can't make you a lot of money.
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    5 Aces in the Game!?!

    that looks very strange. I doubt that could ever happen though.
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    AA Ain't What it Use to Be

    But I admit AA is a hand that can be very dangerous.
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    AA Ain't What it Use to Be

    I've had bad runs on AA, but good ones too. But especially in a tournament with low blinds I'd call with a bit of a rag hand and try to get a monster flop, because most players never can let go of AA, making the implied pot odds huge.
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    Poker Freeroll Monitor!!

    Wow thanks a lot Mike
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    Poker Shuffling System

    Some sites are very vague about there shuffeling system like RedKings. But online gambling companies (especially the large) wouldn't cheat you because there is way to much money to be lost that way, and of what use is it. At poker they only care about collecting the rake.
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    Are They Warning Signs??

    Have you tried explaining your problem to customer support? What did they say?
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    New Casino Games from Microgaming - Launch April 2009

    Looks like a good site, they have a good support to the players. What is their traffic though? Do many players play here?
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    About Online Poker

    Thanks for the information. I'd need to have a big bankaccount to play Phil Helmuth though. (That still doesn't mean he isn't a crybaby. :) )
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    Online Gambling Stories and Screenshots of Great Wins

    I made a nice win last sunday $60 first prize in a freeroll againt 141 players.
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    Poker Freeroll Rules Bonus Paradise update

    sounds like good rules, I'm going to post some more messages.
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    ROCKEM POKER $1000 FREEROLL 4PMest. today

    it's not gambling, it's a 24% shot
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    5 New Microgaming Games out now! - come check them out now

    Looks nice, can't wait to try them out!
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    How Would You Play The Hand?

    A flop with JKT is very dangerous though, especially with 2 other players, AQ beats you, KK, AK, JJ, TT and a combination of a flush and a bellybuster and a pair J/K/T probably has you beat in percentage. An check-raise all in also depends on your chipstack.
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    How Would You Play The Hand?

    What was the bb size, your chipstack preflop, were there any other preflop raises, and what was your position, and how was the table and live players behind you? Loose/passive/agressive/tight ?
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    Responsible Gambling - Have you ever questioned your gambling?

    I love playing poker, if you believe you have an edge over your opponents, you certainly have a better winning chance in the long term than any random casino game.
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    About Online Casinos

    Nice post, I like the increased speed of the games too. I can play at any time of day, any time I feel like it. It's certainly a big benefit.
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    How to play Rummy - Video Tutorial

    Thank you, very helpful!

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