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    villento and Rich Reels tourny freerolls

    It is hard to decipher donkeys from possible shady play. I have been almost convinced about a cheater once or twice before. It's really hard to tell. There have to be some hackers out there that can do it, and of course, in house employees at software providers. It would be best to just play...
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    Dmoneys 1100th post peom

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    pokertime is bad poker room

    There are many shady poker rooms out there. Rumors of stealing, cheating, and some rooms with little or no oversight. Be very careful where you play. Make sure a reputable software provider runs the sight and also check out the country the sight is based :pin. Research first.
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    picking up pointers from tv poker

    We all make a donkey call from time to time. That being said, there are a lot of donkeyish players out there because of TV poker. You are right that a players history at a table will determine how others play a hand with him or her. They edit out all that boring stuff. Also, a lot of...
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    From USA you must read this!!!!!

    I'm getting dizzy signing up everyplace I can. I'm about to move to Australia.:confused:
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    Come Talk About Anything Poker Related.

    I agree. Also, even experienced players make the Donkey Call sometimes because the embarassment when you lose online isn't there like it is at a live table. Try Poker Stars freerolls sometime. It is soooo bad. You will LOL, right before a donk sucks out on you...
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    I post on a bunch of sights like this. Every Time someone shares the password for a tournament...

    I post on a bunch of sights like this. Every Time someone shares the password for a tournament. The designated poker sight should accept a private list from the websight having the tournament. If their software can do that it would fix the problem...
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    new bill for internet poker being introduced

    This is very good news. I worry about not being able to play. I don't live near any casinos, and I am a hold-em fanatic as well as other poker games. I figure the politicians might as well come to their senses about it. This is a "free" country and they make plenty of tax revenue off the small...
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    $200 Freeroll November 1st At Doyle's Room!

    I am a new member. I post on all kinds of sights like this. Poker is basically my life. I put up some posts here.I will continue to post here. If you want to let me play the freeroll, I would like to. I understand what your saying about posting. If you can't let me play I understand. I am...
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    Online gambling -13 banned US states now

    I am lucky enough to live in a gambling state. Atleast for now. Those laws are stupid. I thought this was a free country anyways.
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    New Leagues Forming , You Interested? Post Here.

    I would certainly be interested. Poker is a big part of my life. Send me any info about it. Hanky Panky
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    Largest Ever Online Poker Pot Record - Broken Four Times

    I played 10 - 20 dollar tables before and lost a lot of money. Only rich people belong at those tables. They can afford to call 9 10 suited. I can't.
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    dumgest poker move you have made

    At least two times I have scurried to the bathroom to go P and come back just in time to see my pocket AA folded by timing out. My bladder is small I guess. lol. And one time I was hung over after a late night. After kicking butt in a 10,000 dollar pay out tourny for a few hours I was in 3rd...

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