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  1. K

    Take no offense Friends but this ROTF!

    :D:D:D Oh my gosh, typical man for ya!!!!
  2. K

    $11 Free microgaming casino

    I don't think u.s.a. can play.... I downloaded and united states was not in the countries section :sad:
  3. K

    Happy Veterans Day

    My thought and prayers are with the vetrans and the current soliders who are fightng for our country;)
  4. K

    I ain't Mike but look...LOL

    WTG Vicky, I love grand modial but never do that great there:confused:
  5. K

    wow last spin and i was going to leave

    Nice screenshot Tking :winner:
  6. K

    Congrats to Microgamings latest Jackpot winner -Our Mike won 73K!

    Wow that is so amazing, I would of had a stroke!!!! Wtg:winner:
  7. K

    Who are you? Where are you from? - Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone:p My name is Karen and I'm from columbus, Ohio.... I'm so happy I found this forum, I feel like I'm in paradise :socool:

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