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    VILLENTO & RICH REELS free $ codes - March 2010

    Villento and Rich Reels Casino have some codes for free bonuses, I think it is ONLY for those who have deposited already. You might try them out. I got 2 outta 3 on both casinos good luck Rich Reels Casino 1) RR100WB 2) RR30WB 3) RR50WB Villento Casino 1) VLV100WB 2) VLV30WB 3) VLV50WB
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    Deposit 1 and get 20 Free - Zodiac Casino

    does this mean the minimum deposit is $1
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    Grand Mondial Dash For The Cash Daily Tourney

    you have to opt in copy and paste the following link in your browser but you must add your account number at the end following the = This promo runs until December 12 2009 once you opt in you are not automatacally able to enter the Dash For The Cash Tourney it changes weekly so try to enter...
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    Grand Mondial Dash For The Cash Daily Tourney

    Tournament last 5 hours yesterday there were only 40 players today 50 top 8 win $20 those are pretty good odds (I am in first plaace right now)! Registration opens 24hrs before it starts and closes when tourney vegins. Good Luck! Casino Rewards Online Casinos: CasinoShare - Grand Mondial -...
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    Lucky Red casino code for everyone

    Please dont post such codes, many are exclusive. Also there is going again a spam e-mail around , looks like it comes from luck red, but it does not, says 25 free, so please be careful. NEW playery to lucky red casino may claim our excl. $10 FREE...
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    4th Place Monday Night Mania Vegas Partner casinos

    I placed again right now I am in 3rd that will change but I will definetly place in the top 20! Tourney has 82 winners $1000 first place and $25.00 last place. I win at Vegas Palms Casino didnt cashout last time and lost it all this time will be different. :socool:
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    4th Place Monday Night Mania Vegas Partner casinos

    I won 4th place $500.00 in monday night mania Vegas palms Casino Fortune Lounge Online Casinos: 7 Sultans Casino - Euro Palace Casino - Platinum Play Casino - Royal Vegas Casino - Vegas Palms Casino
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    players palace free play!

    Well they said I had the free spins now they say they are having tech problems cause the spins are not in my account this is after my game froze 2 weeks ago during the bonus round of snakes and ladders. It took 2 weeks for them to refund me I will never deposit here again. I am a USA player but...
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    players palace free play!

    I did not get an email however I enquired through live chat if I had any bonuses for my Play share accounts and they told me I had the free play they also had to reset my account do the free ply showed up in the casino. So ask chat U probably have them I to live in the US. Good Luck
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    Players Palace Game froze cant get $$ help please

    Ok i am offically being kept from accessing my game with mt mony. I reinstalled created a new real player account with some made up canada address ( I am in the US) I logged in and was able to access the game, logged out logged back in with my rela account and movie intro froze as usual this sucks
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    Players Palace Game froze cant get $$ help please

    i reinstalled again and registered a guest account successfully downloaded snakes and ladders and got into game then i logged into my real account and the screen froze on me the problem is associated with my account not the software or my computer, I went to live chat and they can not hel me...
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    Players Palace Game froze cant get $$ help please

    Ok here is my chat session from yesterday the 26th 6pm my game froze the 25th around 4am. Please do not copy your chat sessions on forums these are private conversations, Dont do that without permission of the casinos Feel free to explain your problem , but do not copy, paste chat sessions...
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    Check casino share for free spins

    :socool:Seen on another forum someone had recieved an email drom CasinoShare for free spins on Jonny Spector I checked my account and I had them to but never recieved an email so check urs out Casino Rewards Online Casinos: CasinoShare - Grand Mondial - Quatro Casino - Rich Reels - Casino...
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    Check Intertops Account

    Found $10.00 in mine Visit Intertops Casino
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    Rich reels labor day bonus

    I asked live chat if there is a labor day bonus and they topped off my loyalty points! Played for 2 hrs Rich Reels Casino
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    Inetbet Labor Day Bonus!!

    Login and click top banner to claim your $3.00 Not much but more than anyome else seems to be giving:cool: Visit InetBet Casino now! iNetBet Casino
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    Rich reels free money

    If you deposit often go to live chat and ask if you are eligable for bonus money I always get $10 to $20 Rich Reels Casino
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    Micro $10.00 no deposit

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    Combined loyality points at Villento & Rich Reels Casino

    I attempted to link my account spoke with live chat and this was what was said: Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Marc ' Marc : Hi Renee Marc : How may I help you today? renee: i forgot my user name and password I opened my account years ago and now want to...

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