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    A Friendly Reminder For All

    well said dmoney u a true star and remember people please dont leak any pw as it spoils the game for us loyal members
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    €5 Free No Deposit Bonus for new players at A-Winning-Hand Poker Room

    wow i just recieved mine to within 10 mins that is super fast for a poker site hehe thanks alot bonus paradise i already tripled up first hand on a cash table lol THANK YOU
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    €5 Free No Deposit Bonus for new players at A-Winning-Hand Poker Room

    Cheers dmin for this great offer and a chance to try some new poker software so thanks alot:beer:
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    NEW!!!! BP Exclusive: 40% and 20% Rakeback Promotion With Big Bet Poker!

    D man does it again, this is truely a great offer and every1 must take advantage of this because merge is 1 of the fastest growing poker sites on the net and has some fantastic offers and rake back is an excellent offer to regain some of what you spend i certainly shall be taking advantage of it...
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    BP Exclusive: Re-scheduled $250 Freeroll At Bwin Poker!

    What are the ristrictions in playing in this freeroll is it 30 posts like i have read? im gona go sign up to bwin through the link now incase i can play
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    14 Days Of $500 Freerolls At Big Bet Poker!

    but will we get it bro even if we have other merge site accounts?
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    $5 No-Deposit Bonus - Big Bet Poker!

    hi just downloaded big bet poker now for my account details download date is 1st or 2nd May 2009 cant remember lol Username is Wasspete09 Nickname is WassPete09 very original hey lol D il be on msn if any problems getting my $5 bonus bro
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    Wass Poker Is Back With A $100 Freeroll!

    big d and forum family you can count on me been there so hopefully its a great tourny and we all have a great laugh see yall there :-):winner:
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    A BIG WELCOME CHATTY hope you enjoy this great forum good luck and see you around:kiss:
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    Monthly Poker Lessons:

    again d bruv, if you need any help with this m8 im eager to lend a hand to make the forum a better poker place m8 just gimmy a shout if im needed m8 and il be there, great work m8 i look forward to it as iv seen a number of people's posts waiting for these lessons so good work m8:winner:
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    WassPoker $100 Freeroll June,29 2008

    m8 i will be there at most events backing you up all the way bro if u need any help anytime just gimmy a shout m8 either here or on msn bruv. great work m8 lets just hope for a good turnout and we get people intrested in the league and to partisipate in the buy in's also m8 wtg again bruv...
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    euro2008 championship

    well fellow members what a great final this is going to be i cant wait for it as im half german and was born there iv always had duel nationality so i will be backing z GERMANS as i have all the way through noing that we would make the final i think our hight will cause the el nino's some...
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    Wass Poker Freeroll Posted!

    WTG DMONEY, great news the game is nearly finally here id like to wish every 1 th very best of luck and warmly welcome you to come and have a laugh at the tables also it shall be fun all so i will see every1 there good luck people:super:
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    WassPoker $100 Freeroll June,29 2008

    WTG DMONEY, great rescheduleing m8 oh i cant wait it shall be fun this sunday so very best of luvk to every1 aand see you there ;) :cool: :super:
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    Poker Fans! Join the $100 Freerolls this month!

    Hi D and admin, Great News That the league will be coming soon oh i cannot wait will be such fun and yes dmoney il give ya a run 4 ya money bro in the games lol it will be like a mutiny every1 will be after you :D
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    WassPoker Freeroll Pre Registration{post here if you are gonna play}

    hi Crazy, welcome to bonus paradise. hope you enjoy the forum and make the most of all the bonus offers the site makes. i look forward to seen you on the tables in the up n coming FR and also in the league if we get enough players to start 1 good luck and see you around.:cool:
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    Hold Your Drink

    Dam thats hard how the hell do you do it? any1 if you aint tryed it then have a go just for a laugh :D
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    WassPoker Freeroll Pre Registration{post here if you are gonna play}

    DMONEY maybe its an idea to speak to wass admin at poker to maybe get a playmoney game so the fellow members could learn the ways of poker and have a laugh at the same time m8 im up for helping out the forum to get people up 2 speed with the client and poker:winner:
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    euro2008 championship

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    Poker Fans! Join the $100 Freerolls this month!

    Great site to hold a freeroll at am im eagerly waiting for to meet some of you people and try to get 1 over dmoney as i ow him lol GOOD LUCK TO ALL TAKING PART AND SEE YOU ALL THERE ON THE TABLES AT WASS ;)

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