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  1. K

    is gambling an addiction

    Love to get the word from the peanut gallery- do you think that gambling can really be a serious addiction like alcohol or drug abuse?
  2. K

    who is making the money

    When it comes to online casinos who is really out there making the money? Is it small time players like me or are there some serious high rollers who control the earnings just like at the top casinos worldwide? I need to know who my competition is.
  3. K

    lipstick politics

    Well there are many out there who feel that McCain made the very best choice when it comes to a running mate. I like her but I feel like the press is just gonna beat her to death what with all of the reporting about how she tried to have her ex brother in law fired and the whole story with the...
  4. K

    favorite game to play

    Looks like there is definitely a majority here- I love to play the video slots too. I would like to say that poker is fun but I never win so what fun is that?
  5. K

    The Anniversary Gift.... ROTF!

    My wife would totally kill me for pulling something like that!
  6. K

    cosmetic surgery

    good for you but I think lately the whole trend has gone just a little overboard. You see people out there now and it is kind of like a badge of honor to them that people can tell they have had some work done. maybe we should all just be a little more appreciative of our natural beauty that God...
  7. K

    LOL It's Monday!

    I love it! That is why I like this forum so much- not only can you learn things but there are always fun ways to get a laugh as well! Kudos to the posters who share all of these funnies with us!
  8. K

    any golfers?

    I hear ya! Now that is my idea of the perfect golf day as well!
  9. K

    Good Bye!

    I wanna go!! Take us all with you!
  10. K

    WEDNESDAY *chuckle*

    that's too good- thanks for getting my work day off to a funny start!
  11. K

    how old to play

    you said it. You can vote for people but can't drink alcohol or gamble? There seems to be the need here for things to be a little more across the board don't you think?
  12. K

    Any Good RTG Casinos?

    What do you all think about real time gaming options? Is it all it is cracked up to be?
  13. K

    customer service complaints

    Vicky do you find that most issues are easily resolved or can it be a real battle?
  14. K

    Having a loosing Streak - Lost some Money

    I have been on a major losing streak and have been losing a bit io money every week so I think I am gonna lay off the gambling for a while. Getting a little too risky for me. maybe if I take a little break my losing streak will wear off and I will start getting lucky again in a few weeks or so.
  15. K

    Rolling Stones

    love the Stones! They played very close to where I live nearly 20 years ago and that was probably the best concert I have ever attended. Down with they naysayers. The Stones still rock!
  16. K

    video poker

    that's a great reply- unfortuntaely I have never been able to win on those things. No accidental bets for me. Everything I have lost on there totally my fault and have not played in years.
  17. K

    Usain Bolt

    For those of you who have been watching the Olympics like I have you have probably become familiar with the sprinter from Jamaica named Usain Bolt. man that kid can fly down the track. I think he has a bad attitude but he has really proven himself to be the fastest runner in the world right now...
  18. K

    Ol' Blue....ROTF!

    these postings are just too good- thanks for the early morning laughs!
  19. K


    It means what side of the brain do you use more when going through every day life. I am a very left brained person but always yearn for more of that creativity that right brain people tend to possess.
  20. K

    Lincoln tourney

    that's great money- congrats!

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