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    who governs

    Who is in charge of making sure that internet gambling websites maintain all of the normal gaming regulations?
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    mobile gaming

    you have got that one right my friend! I am good with gambling at home- I already waste far too many minutes on my cell phone as it is now. I do not need any extra incentive to do more.
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    fun weekend trips or plans?

    Going kayaking with some friends tomorrow morning so that should be a great little day trip.
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    stocks tumble

    no money to invest only to spend and not too wisely I am sorry to say!
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    favorite casino

    What about the brick and mortar places?
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    This is CRAZY!!! We need new leadership in the US to get everything back on track here!
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    Happy Saturday everyone!

    what a beautiful Saturday for a party! Hey wait every Saturday is a great day for a party.
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    Wal Mart

    online is good shopping for me too but sometimes the in store deals are just too good to pass up. I try not to play politics with the large corporations because they do not determine my beliefs anyway.
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    any golfers?

    nothing about golf ever amazes me except when they claim they are athletes (NOT!) and how boring it always is.
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    For Mike!!! Rotf!

    what poor schmuck of an apple farmer thought up this useless day?
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    Good reviews of online casinos? Which can you recommend?

    Are the sites that are recommended for playing at this forum typically some of the most well known ones in the business as far as name recognition or are they ones that you moderators have had good luck and success when dealing with? I do not think you would lead any of us astray I would just...
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    tv commercials

    I have not seen those. Who are the advertisements for- any sites where you have played before?
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    online backgammon

    I love to play backgammon but i have never played online. What sites are recommended?
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    aren't there other places you can get codes without having to make deposits?
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    One for us men:

    hmm I will confirm. . . many of us do think that way. Sorry!
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    ANOTHER...Wacky Holiday! LOL

    rats! (no pun intended) Missed that one
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    This is too CUTE!

    that picture is too cute but I have to see I can't let the wife see otherwise that is what my poor son will be dressed as for Halloween this year. Although it would totally be the cutest costume in the neighborhood.
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    Are you bored today?

    yeah I am dying to press that red button just to see what happens. . . nah I will go watch some TV instead
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    Poor Guy

    ain't that just the way it goes sometime? Maybe he could now sue her for mental anguish and cruelty?
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    Guessing Game

    hmmm maybe the same thing I am doing except I prefer the Americanized football version of the story? sounds like you have won a big ;) too!

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