1,000,000 loyalty points giveaway!!!!

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Jun 1, 2008
Ontario, Canada

Million on the House Giveaway

Join us at Rich Reels this weekend where we’re giving away one million loyalty points...
On The House. Our loyalty pool will be split between 10 players,
who will be randomly drawn for their wagers over the weekend.

By simply playing your favorite games between
Thursday 9th October 2008 and Sunday 12th October 2008,
10 winners will receive 100,000 loyalty points.

Winners will receive confirmation via email,
and their loyalty points credited on
Monday the 13th October 2008.

One million between 10 people i'll defenitely be playing
I could use 100,000 loyalty points just for doing something
i plan on playing anyways. :nuts:
Rich Reels Casino

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Got a question for ya vicky.. Are admins and moderators the only ones that can post banners for the different casinos and poker sites??? Just wondering:confused:

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