1.2 billion passwords stolen from Russian Criminals

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    Beware of unsolicited emails

    Would like to give all of our members some current and relevant news that may affect you.
    This could be one of the biggest thefts of online id's and passwords to date. A Russian Crime ring
    was able to penetrate sites to grab users names and passwords in the hopes of using the information
    to scam many.

    Even though the number of passwords were stolen, many sites have security in place to protect you.
    The majority of the stolen passwords did not affect major sites and only targeted smaller sites such as weight loss
    ads and many other spam promoting ads, that user may click on to learn about. If you are receiving odd pop ups and
    such, do not click on them. Even though this Russian Criminal has yet to target financial information in this breech, I'm
    sure it will come in the future.

    According to all the news reports, this has been going on for years and because of the insignificant of them not going after financial information, they have kept under the radar.

    It appears they could be amassing all this information to use for the future to perpetrate accounts in hopes of gaining financial wealth.


    All online users need to be made aware of sites they sign up for and give out any personal information.

    Please be wary of the "odd" email. Once you click on it to satisfy your curiosity, you could be vulnerable.
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