$15,000 Marvelous IV Slot Tournament -Omni Casino-April 2014



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May 5, 2008
Here's one fantastic slot tournament to get in at Omni Casino with a total prize pool of $15,000!

It's the $15,000 Marvelous IV Slot Tournament exclusively at Omni Casino.

Players will have the chance to win some incredible cash prizes.

Starting April 15th, if you are playing at Omni Casino, you will be automatically entered into the tournament.
For each spin of .45 or higher on any 15-50 payline slot game, you will earn 1 tournament spin point.

A new leader board results will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Players can win a $50 Marvel Hero Reward if their name lands on a special ranking when the leader board is updated.
Updates will start April 18th and will continue on the 21st, 23rd, 25th and 28th. You could win a multiple of times.

Get a chance to win a Prize Booster worth $200 or $400. If you spin your way over 100,000 spin points throughout the entire
tournament, you could win an additional $200. Spin over 135,000 spin points and be rewarded an additional $400.

Get ready to get some spinning going at Omni Casino and land on that leader board.
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