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May 27, 2008

Between Friday October 10th and Sunday October 19th they are
going down a dark, dark path to a dark, dark house!

This week things are set to get frighteningly fun with their glimpse into Britain's most
haunted house… keep reading, if you dare….!

Britain's Most Haunted House - Borley Rectory, Essex (1862 - 1939)

Built in 1862, the site was said to be haunted from as far back as the
1300's when a nun and monk from a Benedictine Monastery built on the site ran
away after falling in love. Escaping the monastery, the love struck pair were captured
by the elders and killed.

Later reportings on paranormal activity began after the rectory was built in the
1800's, when witnesses saw stones being thrown and ghostly nun's
wandering the halls. The nun was seen by a number of different visitors
over the years, and continued after the rector passed away.

Every occupier of the rectory since has reported similar activities, including
poltergeist activity, stones being thrown, moans, footsteps, items appearing
or disappearing, people being thrown out of their beds and many other
unexplainable occurrences.

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