$200 Freeroll November 1st At Doyle's Room!

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic
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i love to Gamble and to play poker
i sure join this freeroll

will sign up this week Dmoney:happy-halloween:
I noticed that we need 5 posts, at the least. I will try my best, but I see there are lots of casino article and topics, which fo me is very hard to post too, as I do not play casino games, well at least, any more, as they have cost me alot...LOL My fault, not anyone elses. Even at a live casino, I have to see poker and nothing else.

hey Bad Boy, lol
let me help you
you can also make a post in our lets talk room and introduce yourself.

We sure will get more poker players here soon and then there should be also much more poker talks. ;)
Hi Mark!
Awesom to see you here!
Thank you so much for such a awesom freeroll!
Doyle's Room is the place to be guys!

Hello everybody;

This is Mark, your DoylesRoom.com rep. I will be around letting you all know about our promos and private tourneys for Bonus Paradise.

Sign up today and play our $200 Freeroll on November 1st but that's not all...I will give a FREE ticket to our $1K Monthly Freeroll...yeah that's right, FREE tickets to $1k FREEROLL...

Stay tuned!

Just an update on who will get the password :

In our last poker freeroll we did make a few exceptions, means we gave also members the pass even they did not have at least 5 posts here.
Now I do see some , they did in the meantime again not make any post,
these members are not active, posting ONLY if a poker freeroll is announced and they would like the pass again.
This time they wont get it again, if they do not show some more activity on our forum.
The reason is, we find it unfair for all our other active members.

We have some exceptions this time,
this is for RayBassmans Forum members, Dmoney did invite them.

There will be no other exceptions this time.
This Poker Freeroll is announced early enough so everyone has enough time
to make at least 5 qualtiy posts on our forum.

What do we mean with quality posts?
well just to post a reply quick 5 times somewhere using an icon and say hello, and nothing else is sure not what we mean with it.

Thank you all for your understanding
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:socool:.. I'm so glad to be reading that above post... I hope everyone will contribute some quality information so they can play.. The more in it the more i can beat out..lol..GL all be in it soon.:happy-halloween:
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