22 Free Spins at Cashapillar for new players during July 2008

1 Free Chance at Casino Classic


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May 3, 2008

Grand Mondial Casino has a great offer for new players
If you sign up during July you will get 22 FREE Spins on 10 paylines
for the Cashapillar Video Slot.

In order to play your Free Spins
all you have to do is start the Cashapillar Slot.

Good luck everyone

Sign up now at Grand Mondial Casino and get 22 Free Spins!

Good Luck at Grand Mondial Casino

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Hi Marina!

Nice Promo, but the link doesn't work. Can I sign-up from their site or worked it only with your link.

the link works fine for me right now
the banner and the text link directs me to Grand Mondial Casino
Could you please try again and let me know
thank you
Shaggy, I am unsure if you will get it without going through an affiliate link
you could try to copy the url below and paste in your browser

I have asked a few people now
and for them all works my banner and link above
very odd then that it dont work for you.
You should figure out your settings.
There will be always special and exclusive deals evewhere
then its needed you go through that aff link.

Hope this works now for you
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It will not work for me. I tried some others links, all O.K., but this damn Link "sucks".(excuse me)
I'll try it again tomorrow, perhaps it works. :confused:

Downloaded from here. Registered and didn't get the free spins. :sad:

I heard any new players will get it.
I will ask my contact there whats up
can you give me your ID kathyluman?

I am sorry this link dont work for you
maybe you just try it somewhere else?
I just been at Live Chat
and asked extra if any new players get it
even if they would already have an account at their sister site CasinoShare.
and this is what live chat said to that:

Kindly note that this promotion is valid for all new accounts registered on Grand Mondial, even if they had an account with CasinoShare.
Hey Marina hun...how long does it take for the free spins to show up?
My stepson signed up from your link and no free spins for him when he went to the Cashapillar slot.
He's a new player there too.


Sorry I dont know how long it will take
but maybe one of you can ask live chat about.
And please be patient with them, I was on live chat
and I had to wait some time to get a support person to talk to
I think they have it very busy now with this new offer.

Please let me know then.
Thank you
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what a great casino it is this Grand Mondial Casino
im glad to see some free new freebies
thank you very muchs for this awesome post
Just contacted support and they said it takes 2 to 4 hours for the free spins to show up.....thanks for the post!!!
your welcome
enjoy your 22 free spins​
Sometimes it can take longer than 4 hours.I had a chat with one of the support people and here was how it went.If we add your free spins at 00:00 hours the system goes a little funny.Most of us play at different time zones so how it seems to go it waits for us to catch up for the next day.lol Yes i know sounds a little goofie but its right from them.
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Thanks dogbites for the info.

If you're having any issues with this, post here and we will
figure it out. Most times support is not aware of special promo's.​
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