3 Card Tricks To Impress Your Friends

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Everyone enjoys a good card trick, especially when the action slows down at a casino card table. Have you ever seen someone guess the card in your hand and chalked it up to magic?

    Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but card tricks do not involve any sort of “hocus pocus;” all it really takes to do a card trick is practice and a swift hand. If you are interested in
    impressing everyone at your poker table (and who doesn’t secretly enjoy impressing everyone at the poker table?), you may want to take a look at the easy, effective card tricks below.
    If you do not own a black hat, bunny rabbit, or wand, there is no need to fear. These tricks are so easy that anyone (yes, even you) can pull them off.


    Trick One: Defying Gravity

    If you are looking for a trick that really takes the cake for best presentation, you might want to try this one. In this card trick, an individual removes a random card and holds it in his or her palm.
    He or she then awes all spectators by levitating it. Of course, this is a card trick, so you can be sure that the card is not really random nor is the levitation a telepathic feat worth writing home about.
    You could do this card trick with only a few simple items from your junk drawer. Here’s how:

    • Gather a deck of cards, a flexible plastic strip (like the annoying ones manufacturers attach to wide necked shirts), scissors, and clear adhesive tape.
    • Work your magic on the cards ahead of time. Secure the aforementioned plastic strip to the back of a playing card. We know you hate those weird shirt “hanger-upper” things anyway.
      Here is the perfect opportunity for you to get your revenge. Grab some scissors from your desk drawer and snip the plastic strip off of a clothing article. Tada! The perfect card gimmick.
    • By lightly pressing on each end of the plastic strip, the desired card will arch upward and you will easily be able to find it time and time again.
    • Pull card upward by invisible plastic “string.” Smile smugly as you levitate your first card.
    • Tip: be sure and practice this trick in front of a mirror repeatedly until you get the angle just right. When it comes to card tricks, angles are everything.

    Trick Two: Mind Reading

    Nothing says magical like a mind reading card trick. To perform this trick, you will allow the spectator to choose a card and then shuffle it back into the deck.
    To the amazement of all who are present, you will then find and identify the spectator’s card. This one is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

    • As the spectator looks at his or her card to memorize it, pretend you are someone sneaky (like Tom Cruise in that one movie) and very subtly look at the bottom of the deck.
      Memorize the card that is on the bottom of the deck.
    • Make a show of not looking at the spectator’s card as he or she places it at the very bottom of the deck – right next to the card you just memorized.
    • Cut and shuffle the deck as many times as you want. All that matters is that those two cards stay right next to each other.
    • When the time comes to reveal the card, simply look through the deck for the card you memorized. The spectator’s card will be the one right after.

    Trick Three: The Fifty-Two Card Pickup

    Alright, so maybe this one does not technically classify as a magical card trick; however, it definitely applies as a trick! If you are feeling especially mischievous at the card table,
    try finding an especially gullible individual and ask them if they would like to see this card trick:
    • Pick up a full deck of 52 cards.
    • Throw said deck into the air with a flourish and let all of the cards fall to the floor.
    • Make a break for it before someone makes you clean up your own mess.

    There you have it, three card tricks to impress (sort of) your friends. The next time you go out on the town for a big night at the casino, have a little fun and introduce some of your
    newfound magic tricks to your buddies. They ought to get a big kick out of the ordeal, and (let’s be honest) you will probably enjoy the attention.

    This presentation of simple card tricks was intentionally somewhat silly; however, there are many in-depth card tricks out there that take a masterful hand and a keen eye.
    If you are interested in learning some advanced card tricks, we applaud your ambition and point you in the direction of your local bookstore, public library, online database,
    or any other knowledge-packed resource. You can do anything you put your mind to - even magic.
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Whhoohoo I should give this a try! I love card tricks!
    Great article Marina
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  3. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Some really good tricks! Thank you very much for the great article!

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