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    True to its word, the online casino software group, Microgaming released a new video slot game this month and delighted players once more.
    Microgaming’s November release is DragonZ slot and the game went live at partner casinos across the board, including the hugely popular 32Red online casino.

    To celebrate the new game’s release, 32Red decided to throw a fiery fest through its DragonZ Achievements promotion!


    The promotion essentially rewards players for enjoying the new game, encourages them to unlock achievements within the games
    for the chance to win free spins, as well as runs a leaderboard competition where a generous EUR 2,500 prize could be won by a single player!

    “Meet Flint, Switch, Frost and Gobble – these are the charismatic creatures hosting our latest game DragonZ,”
    is how players are first introduced to the cute, animated dragon creations which fill the reels of the new game.

    But as cute as they are, these dragons are fearsome when it comes to big rewards, and they are the key to unlock the achievements on the reels and pay out big.

    Opt in to the promotion at 32Red Casino between now and Monday, November 14th 2016 and start spinning the reels of the new game.

    Unlock the achievements and you’ll win either 20 free games, 200 free games or the entire €2,500 bonus prize if you are lucky enough to be the first player to unlock all three
    achievements during the promotion period. If you want to see how you are doing achievements wise, click the PAYS arrow which is located at the top right hand corner within the actual game.

    As noted, there is a €2,500 casino bonus up for grabs. If a player unlocks all three achievements during the promo period, that entire prize becomes theirs.
    This is only awarded to the first player to do so. If no player manages, then the prize pool is divided among the top 100 players on the leaderboard.
    Your position on the leaderboard is determined on the number of spins you make and not on wagering, which means that the competition isn’t only rewarding players who have the biggest bankroll.

    Check your progress on the leaderboard which 32Red updates every 15 minutes.

    Every spin on the new DragonZ game during the promotion period generates one point towards the leaderboard.
    You will need to play the game for real money to be eligible to earn points.

    Unlocking Achievements on DragonZ Online Slot

    Unlock the Frost achievement to win 20 free spins.
    To unlock the achievements, you will need to achieve all three winning combinations for the symbol.

    Unlock the Wild achievement to win 200 free spins.
    To unlock this achievement you need to achieve all three winning combinations for the symbol.

    Be the first to unlock every achievement before the end of the promotion, November 14th 2016, to gulp down the entire EUR 2,500.
    To unlock this achievement, all three winning combinations for all combinations need to be achieved.

    Good luck in the Dragonz Slot Achievements Leaderboard promotion at 32Red Online Casino

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