4 Fun Facts About Gambling



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May 3, 2008
There are a lot of weird, fun “facts” floating around on the internet. Even though we cannot prove any of these to be 100% accurate, we could not resist posting them just for fun.
If you like to gamble and enjoy learning something weird that you did not know about yesterday, then you ought to enjoy this patched together list of four fun facts about gambling.

Fun Fact One: People in Las Vegas Really Do Love Gambling

Just about everyone is familiar with the reputation of the city of Las Vegas: the gambling city. Even people who have never visited this brightly-lit city have heard about the luxurious casinos and frivolous
gamblers who reside there. If you were to accuse the city of Las Vegas with the charge of enjoying gambling more than most things, Las Vegas might would reply “guilty as charged” with a coy little smile.
Over 87% of all Las Vegas residents gamble on a regular basis. Seeing as over 596,424 people call Las Vegas their home, you can only imagine what Las Vegas casinos look like on a Friday night. You might
would find yourself asking, “who in Las Vegas doesn’t gamble?” If you like gambling, Las Vegas might be the perfect getaway for you and your pals. It is safe to say that the many gamblers there will definitely
welcome you with open arms.

Fun Fact Two: Dice Swallowing Happened a Lot During the Eighteenth Century

During the eighteenth century, most forms gambling were considered illegal and were pursued by the law. If a group of street gamblers spotted an officer approaching, gamblers would often hide dice
in their mouths or, if necessary, swallow the dice whole. You can only imagine the digestive problems that must have ensued, but we can only assume that to eighteenth century gamblers it was worth the trouble. Gamblers in secret casinos also partook in dice swallowing because police raids were common during the time period. Imagining a group of dedicated gamblers swallowing dice as the police knocked on the door is a somewhat ridiculous image, but you definitely have to admit that they are to be admired for their dedication. We would recommend that you refrain from swallowing dice whole as a general rule of thumb.
First of all, there is no need to do that anymore. Second of all, dice swallowing must have some sort of health ramification of some kind.

Fun Fact Three: Mechanics Invented Slot Machines

The first successfully operating slot machine, simply known as a slot at the time, was invented in year 1899 by a mechanic by the name of Charles Fey. Fey was a brilliant mechanic who obviously had a great
deal of compassion for his customers. He began to notice that customers got very bored while waiting for him to work his magic and repair their vehicles. Naturally, Fey invented the first slot machine. When
you look at the inner workings of a slot machine, it is easy to see the similarities between the mechanics of a car and the mechanics of the machine. Only a master mechanic could create such a complex system
of levers and pulleys all in the name of giving his customers a good time. You have to respect Fey for being a man who could put his talents to good use on any given day.

Fun Fact Four: Keno Equals the Great Wall of China

We remain skeptical of the truth behind this one. However, you have to admit, if it really is true that the Great Wall of China was mostly funded from money won during games of Keno, it ups the Great
Wall’s “cool factor” by a marge percentage—especially to those who enjoy gambling. Apparently, the people in modern China conducted lotteries to provide funding for large public projects and institutions.
Supposedly, it was a common way for the people to support popular building endeavors. If gambling helped build the Great Wall of China, you can only assume that gambling can do just about anything.

Over 65 million people enjoy gambling on a regular basis in the United States alone. When you add the number of gamblers from other countries, you are looking at a vast number of people who enjoy
a good gamble every now and again. Gambling has a lot of fans because it has been around for a long time as a form of recreation. As you would suspect, since gambling has been around for such a long time,
it has a very colorful and entertaining history. Nowhere else can you find a common correlation between mechanics, swallowing small objects, the city of Las Vegas, and the Great Wall of China. It stands to
reason that the unique nature of gambling and the many odd and lovely things that tie it together are a part of the activity’s charm and appeal.
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