4 Gambling Books You May Want to Read

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    If you are anything like the rest of the population, you probably enjoy to sit back in your favorite cozy chair, kick up the foot rest, and pull out a good book. You might even turn on the
    fireplace for a bit of atmospheric ambiance. Watching television and playing around on the internet are fun, but nothing has the same feel of holding a solid “brick and mortar” book in your
    hands and flipping those musty smelling pages one at a time. It is a precious treat in today’s busy, fast-paced society to do something that is slow and methodical. The next time you get the
    itch to read a good book, try picking up one of the four books listed below. We have compiled a list of the four best books that involve gambling. Because why not do two of your favorite things
    at once? Reading about gambling is the best of both worlds for bookworms who enjoy a night out at the casino every now and again.

    Gambling Book One: The Compleat Gamester

    This book was written in the year 1674 - it is a pretty old one. It was written by a man named Charles Cotton who was a poet during the time period. When his book, The Compleat Gamester,
    was published in the 1600s, people were only just beginning to understand that there were links between gambling and mathematics; the concept that math could be taken advantage of in
    order to predict odds was a relatively new concept to the people living during Charles Cotton’s lifetime. Since mathematics and the link therein to gambling would not be totally figured out until
    a few decades later, Charles Cotton’s book can be defined as something of a “cheats” book. The tips found in this book center more on clever ways to turn the odds in ones favor since most people
    during the time period saw odds as a providential sort of happening. This book is still available for reading today and gives gamblers great insight into the history of gambling.

    The Compleat Gamester delves deeply into common card games of the time such as basset and the game of hazzard. Also, just to clarify for you grammar and spelling enthusiasts out there,
    the title is not misspelled - it has simply kept its antique spelling instead of evolving into modern English. Lends a bit of charm to the piece, don’t you think?

    Gambling Book Two: Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling

    This book is far more recent, having been published in the year 1961 by Simon & Schuster. This was the father of all gambling “how to” manuals, and is still often referred to by gamblers today.
    The book was written by a man named John Scarne - an avid gambler who was considered to be one of the most reputable gambling authorities out there during his time period.
    His book, Complete Guide to Gambling, is a very methodical and encyclopedia-like representation of nearly every single aspect of the sport of gambling. History, strategies, some mathematics
    and odds, cheats, and rules are all discussed in his comprehensive work. If you are looking for a traditional, classic book that covers “everything gambling,” you may want to pick up a copy of
    Scarne’s reference book and start reading.

    Gambling Book Three: Roll the Bones

    Roll The Bones is a modern work of literature that was written by a man named David G. Schwartz in the year 2006. Schwartz, a director at the Gaming Research Center in Las Vegas, Nevada,
    created a piece of literary work that includes the history of the sport of gambling and the way in which gambling has impacted society as a whole. He begins at the very beginning by examining how
    primitive societies made decisions - he settles on the interesting point that gambling involves gauging the amount of risk involved in a situation, which has been used by mankind since the dawn of
    known civilizations. Plenty of colorful illustrations make this book great for individuals who have a hard time staying focused. There is even a picture of Dostoevsky, the focus of one of our previous
    articles. If you like history and psychological analysis, this may be the best book for you.

    Gambling Book Four: The Biggest Game in Town

    This 1983 publication was written by a man named Al Alvarez, a poet who gained much prominence during his time and was also well known as an author and critic of literature. If you have never
    visited the casinos of Las Vegas, The Biggest Game in Town is the perfect read for you. It gives readers nearly as good of an experience as visiting the famous gambling destination itself. The book
    focuses on the poker tables of Nevada, specifically of Las Vegas, and allows individuals to “see” casino rooms as if they were actually there. The players observed range from gamblers just like you
    and span genres of losers, winners, and addicts. If you are interested in learning about the big city gamblers, try this book. You are sure to be entertained by the bizarre stories within its covers.

    There you have it! A nice list of books for you to choose from the next time you get a hankering for a good read. Enjoy.
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    Great book reads indeed. Now we need a very inquisitive writer to write about the world of online gambling and bring this list current.

    Really, someone could come up with a great read or even make a movie about it. Calling Hollywood!
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